If your marriage has suffered from lack of communication, affection, or care, you may be dealing with deep triggers that cause you to respond to each other in unhealthy ways.

Listen in on part 1 of this 2 part episode series with Amber Lia and Guy Lia, authors of the book Marriage Triggers.

Meet the Authors!

Amber Lia and Guy Lia live in Southern California with their four sons. Amber is a prolific writer and speaker at MotherofKnights.com and both she and Guy are co-producers and owners of their faith and family-friendly production company, Storehouse Media Group in Los Angeles.

Triggers in the Family

After the wild success of Amber’s first book Triggers: Exchanging Parents’ Angry Reactions for Gentle Biblical Responses  (co-written with Wendy Speake), she was surprised at the project God would call her to next.

Amber and Guy have come together to speak to the foundation of family. Marriage Triggers is for moms and dads, and written in the style of a 31 day devotional for both to share. Guy shares his excitement with us about having a voice in this project, and to represent the husbands who want to join their wives and work on working-out frustrations with gentle words.

The hope was that Triggers for parents would spur a generational change in families. By changing the way they discipline, parents will change the way their kids discipline in the future.

In the same way, Marriage Triggers will show children how parents learn to respond to one another in love, and carry on that pattern in their own families.

Identify Your Triggers

Learning how to recognize your own triggers in marriage will:

Reveal External vs. Internet Triggers

Show our kids how to work through conflict

Teach us how to grow toward connectedness instead of isolation

Help us to recognize our unrealistic expectations and false idols

Prove that changing our attitude can have an amazing affect on our spouse

Lia's Marriage Triggers
Lia's Marriage Triggers

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