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Encouragement for Practical Living

If you hope for both the practical and spiritual direction for your family, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’ve grown up in the faith or found it later in life, my mission for Practical Family is to help you find what you need to build a strong foundation for your family by first securing your identity in Christ.

Living as a practical family is living out and practicing your values, and planning toward goals as you apply the principles you learn in a connected community. 

We want to live intentionally instead of reactively. Here at Practical Family, we’ll always do our best to share real life examples in all honesty as we approach difficult situations. We’re not into cuteness, cliches or platitudes. We know parents need real and practical ways to move forward right now.

Meet the Team

Jennifer Bryant

Enough Mom

Jenn is the founder of PracticalFamily.org, host of the Practical Family Podcast and the Enough Mom Podcast. She encourages families to build practical skills for healthy communication, strengthens moms for real-life struggles, and helps women discover their unique calling. Jenn has been married to Bruce for 17 years and they parent two precious teenagers. Her favorite things include reading, antique shopping, singing with her kids, laughing out loud with her husband, and making food for people. She lives in Honolulu, Hawaii, and dreams of taking her family on marvelous adventures across the globe.

Trisha Childers 

Home on Purpose

Trisha is a military wife, a mother of two, and a former math teacher. During her years as a stay-at-home mom, she discovered her gift and passion for helping women improve the function of their homes. Trisha is the creator of our home care section Home on Purpose. She loves to create practical videos and blog posts to help women get organized and clutter-free. Trisha lives with her husband and two kiddos near Colorado Springs, Colorado. 

Tom & Jenn Catanzaro

Family Discipleship

Tom and Jen are passionate about helping intentional parents to love, live, and lead their families with greater faith and purpose. Tom is a musician, pastor, and discipleship coach. Jen is a biologist and former school teacher who now homeschools their 5 young children. Together, they work hard at integrating faith, family, and friendships by building Jesus-shaped community wherever they go, as well as training others to do the same. The Catanzaro’s live near Oakland, California.

Rachael Williams

Admin Assistant

Rachael Williams is an author and virtual assistant agency owner. She spent the last few years in the book publishing space helping authors grow and scale their businesses. Over and over again, she noticed that the authors that she was working with had the ambition to scale but not the time. She then started her own virtual assistant agency where she helps business owners take their time back so they can invest in activities that will grow and scale their businesses. She loves the flexibility that her business provides her. When she is not working with a client, she loves to spend every second that she can with her young son, Trey and her husband Gerry.

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