Hi! I’m Jenn Bryant…

…and Honolulu, Hawaii is my home.

It sounds magical, and most days it is. God’s blessings are evident in His creation, but we have learned to live with less and in smaller spaces than how one may picture the American dream.

Hawaii is a world all it’s own, but through the blessings of technology, I feel more connected than the location that sets me in the middle of the Pacific.

We live comfortably and cozily in a little cottage with my husband of 12 years and our two precious kids who just made 9 & 10.

First and foremost I am a Christian…

in love with my Creator, Savior, Redeemer and Friend – Jesus Christ. He is my reason for being and the One who gives life to my soul and purpose to my steps.

I’ve always worked with people, whether as a waitress, newsroom secretary, legal assistant, middle school teacher, preschool director, office manager, and now a stay-at-home mama.

My heart is for women who are aching to find their purpose in the midst of a busy life.

If you have ever wondered what all your effort, education, or experience is for… you are not alone.



IMG_3913Encouragement for Practical Living

I believe that our home should be our sanctuary. As my family and I gradually step into practices of minimalist living, making the most of our space, and only owning what we need, our lifestyle has nudged me to become more of a practical wife and mommy. 

My hope for this blog is to become a rest stop and reality check for those of us who live simply by choice, necessity, or both, and enjoy sharing practical solutions for every day life.

I also believe that we are on this earth for a special purpose, and each step we take is in the direction of that purpose with God, or away from God. Relationship dynamics of marriage and parenting, building connections with the community, and elements of behavior make us real, unique, and capable of working through our struggles and celebrating our victories.

If you hope for both the practical and spiritual direction for your family, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’ve grown up in the faith or found it later in life, my mission for Practical Family is to help you find what you need to build a strong foundation for your family by first securing your identity in Christ.

I Love To Help Communicators

Wherever you are in the writing process, you are not alone. Putting words together for other people to read is a vulnerable process! I love to help authors launch their books into the world. In fact, NetGally is a service many publishing houses use to release their books to pre-readers for honest feedback. If you or someone you know is launching a book, and it falls within the genre of non-fiction, women, motherhood, parenting or family, invite me to be on your launch team!

Professional Reader

Invite Jenn to Speak 

I love to speak to groups of ladies, moms groups, classrooms, and Bible studies. Find out more here on my Speaking page.


Meet the Team

Jordan Marzan

Originally from West Virginia, raised in a family of nine kids, former nanny of five, and a proud home school graduate (thanks mom!). She holds a degree in public relations and works as an actress, ballroom dancer, and podcaster. Much to her delight, Tyler (i.e. “Hawaiian Man-Candy”) agreed to marry her two years ago and they now live in Hawaii. They enjoy long naps on the beach and are trying to find a hobby that somehow combines dancing and racing cars.

Trisha Childers 

Trisha is a military wife, a mother of two, and a former math teacher. During her years as a stay-at-home mom, she discovered her gift and passion for helping women improve the function of their homes. Trisha is the creator of our home care section Home on Purpose. She loves to create practical videos and blog posts to help women get organized and clutter-free. 

Silke Bump

Silke is a firefighter’s wife and mama of two busy preschoolers. She loves to sing on the worship team at church and spend time with her family in Honolulu where they live. She loves to help ladies find their favorite fashion with her great sense of style. Silke helps us share posts on social media and has a great eye for filters and design.   

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