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Those who know me well know that I am a pretty forgetful person. When life gets hectic, I easily get overwhelmed.  On top of that, I have a tendency to beat myself up whenever I drop the ball.  Almost without realizing it, I spent quite a bit of effort staying organized as a way of protecting myself.

What began as a self-defense mechanism (to protect myself from the fear of failing) has grown into a useful set of strategies, skills, and habits.

Friends noticed and began asking me for advice. Every time I passed on something I had learned to another mom, I was thrilled to see the amazing positive effects not only on her home, but also her mood and energy level.

And so Home On Purpose was born!

This program goes far beyond basic decluttering.  This is a comprehensive home-management approach focusing on one goal: To make your life at home easier.

As you work to transform one area at a time, infusing intentionality into every choice, habit, and routine, you will enjoy shifting from intimidated to confident, from tired to energized, and frustrated to free!

~ Trisha Childers ~

What are women saying about Home On Purpose?

“I have reached that point of often feeling overwhelmed and in over my head.  Trisha’s cheerful and encouraging disposition and how she breaks down these huge tasks was helpful in providing perspective and hope in addressing these areas, bit by bit.”

Shannon, Homeschooling Mama of 6

“You can really tell Trisha was a teacher for so many years.  Her presentation skills, pace, clarity, and articulation are engaging, and super easy to follow.”


“Thank you for doing this!  Your program has changed the way we look at our home and what we bring into the home.  My husband has noticed a huge change in my spending habits and he is helping me stick to them!”


“Trisha has given me more ideas and encouragement to take care of projects I have let slide, but that cause me daily discomfort. Thank you!!!!!”


What does the program have to offer?

How does a lesson series work?

  • Enjoy step-by-step guidance from start to finish
  • Focus on one area of your home at a time
  • Break down intimidating projects into manageable pieces
  • Access videos at your convenience 
  • Work at your own pace
  • Get organized with user-friendly templates
  • Discover effective strategies and complete simple tasks to take control of your stuff and your spaces!

How are instructional guides different?

  • Focus on the broader topics of home-management, such as shopping habits, daily routines, training the kids, and setting reasonable goals
  • Print booklets from home and write notes and reflections as you go
  • Gain useful insights, enjoy real-life stories, reflect on your own home, and make a customized plan of action
  • Get organized with user-friendly templates

What can I expect from a consultation?

  • Enjoy one-on-one coaching in a private or group setting
  • Focus on the specific aspects of home management that personally cause you the most trouble
  • Navigate relational complications and emotional obstacles
  • Develop a customized plan of action tailored to suit your home, your schedule, and your personality!

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Trisha has spoken at mom’s groups, women’s groups, and large events both in-person and virtually.

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Enjoy encouraging teaching, free resources, and an opportunity to ask Trisha anything!


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