Solving the little problems before they begin.

What is Intentionalize?

Each video focuses on a small corner of the home that tends to cause trouble. In just 3-6 minutes we will …

  • Identify the most common sources of frustration
  • Find strategies for solving problems before they begin
  • Get motivated to take action!

Intentionalize your CATCH-ALL DRAWERS

We all have that spot in the house where everyone feels free to dump stuff they don’t want to deal with. Here’s how to take control of those troublesome junk drawers.

Intentionalize your CAR

Your car is a living space, just like any other room of your home. Some of us spend more time in our cars than we do in our living rooms! Here is an easy way to start taking better care of this important space.

Intentionalize your MOVE

Do you plan to move to a new home in the upcoming year? Here’s a simple way to get ahead of the game!


During our final move as a military family, I chronicled various phases of the packing and unpacking process.

Follow me through one year as I use the Home On Purpose approach to lighten my workload and avoid troublesome frustrations. Enjoy!

Intentionalize your LAUNDRY

When you are at the mercy of the most urgent load, you will always be running to catch up.

The only way to tame the “Laundry Monster” is a consistent routine that keeps us ahead of the urgency.

Intentionalize your TOY ROTATIONS

“How can you possibly be bored when you have so much stuff to play with?” – Frustrated Mom

Sound familiar? Here’s a simple solution to the playtime boredom problem. BONUS! It makes your play areas easier to keep tidy too!


Want to explore home-management in a little more depth? The Home On Purpose blog articles and podcast episodes offer encouraging messages and practical instruction on a wide variety of topics!

Intentionalize your GIFT CARDS

I hate wasting money for nothing, don’t you? But it’s so easy to lose track of those gift cards, gift receipts, and coupons!

Here are two simple strategies for taking back those savings – one for physical cards and one for online certificates.

Intentionalize your EXTRAS

The easiest way to create elbow room in your storage spaces is to use up your duplicates. Here’s how to make that happen fast!

Intentionalize your KIDS’ CRAFTS

One Christmas, my daughter asked everybody for arts and crafts … and boy did she get what she wanted! Here’s how we decided to cope with the copious projects.

Intentionalize your TRAVEL OUTFITS

Packing light is always preferred, but how can we be sure we have everything we need? Here are 3 simple tips to save your suitcase!

Intentionalize your MEAL PLAN

Don’t worry, this won’t be intimidating! Just a super simple first step toward making dinner a lot easier. 

Intentionalize your LUGGAGE

They’re big, they’re bulky, and they’re awkward. Use this storage strategy to win back some closet space and protect yourself from packing problems in the process!

Intentionalize your HOBBIES

Every hobby has a wonderful purpose: to enrich your life. But accumulating too many supplies that clog up your storage spaces can end up making your life at home less enjoyable. How do you decide where to downsize?

Intentionalize your KIDS’ CLOTHES

We tell our kids to keep their rooms clean and do their laundry. But when their closets are bursting with too many clothes and shoes, it’s hard to keep things in order. Let’s make the job easier by reducing their wardrobe.

Intentionalize your BOOKS

How many books do you own that you plan to read someday? How many books have you read in the last year? Do a little math … do you have too many books?

Intentionalize your REFRIGERATOR

We use it more often than any other storage space, yet we treat it so carelessly. Here’s an easy way to start taking better care of your over-worked fridge.

Intentionalize your DIGITAL PICTURES

Of the thousands of pics on your camera roll, how many are actually worth looking at? Start building this simple habit and you’ll be amazed at how easy it can be to make all those bad shots disappear!

No Spam, Just Encouraging Motivation!

Two or three emails per month is the norm. I focus on a new topic each month, offer practical tips and strategies, share useful resources, and challenged you to take small steps.

Intentionalize your DAILY PAPERS

One of my least favorite tasks in managing my home is dealing with the random every-day papers. Here’s how to keep your paper-stack small.

Intentionalize your CLEANING ROUTINE

If you wait until your home is noticeably dirty, you’ve already waited too long. Here’s an effective approach for staying ahead of the mess!

No Drama, Just Friendly Conversation!

You don’t need to worry about comment wars in this Facebook Group. We are just regular women working to make our homes run a little smoother amidst a busy schedule.

Intentionalize your WARDROBE

Taking control of your closet can feel like a daunting task, and it’s not always easy to know where to begin. Here’s a quick and easy first step to gain a little clarity on your clothes. 

Intentionalize your TOWELS

Most people don’t pay much attention to their towels and other linens. But if you’re hurting for more storage space, reducing these bulky items can be a huge help!

Intentionalize your MORNING ROUTINE

If the morning is rushed, frazzled, and frustrating, it sets a negative tone for the entire day. Here are some ideas for getting the whole family on a more pleasant morning routine.

Intentionalize your MEDICINE

When you are hurt, sick, or uncomfortable, you want to solve the problem fast. After all, if you can’t find it when you really need it, what good is it? Here’s how to get organized so you’ll be ready for anything.

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