Here’s what you get for only $39 when you order today!

  • A 49-page PDF instructional guide, plus templates. 
  • Guidance for clarifying your top-priority goals regarding your children’s belongings.
  • Effective tools and strategies for getting your kids on board with decluttering, downsizing, and reorganizing the toys.
  • A new approach for utilizing toys as powerful tools to teach valuable life lessons, such as contentment, generosity, wise shopping habits, and more!
  • ​A user-friendly structure for creating a customized plan of action for you to execute at your own pace.
  • ​The motivation and confidence needed to take control of the toys in your home!


Enjoy the Audio-Book format for only $10 more!

Each segment is 16 minutes or less. Listen while you run errands, exercise, or do housework!

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