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Jennifer Bryant is an educator in real life and online. Her website is a wonderful resource for parents wanting to raise good humans who love the Lord. Even if you’re not a Christian, she has a lot of helpful, encouraging, and amazing content on her site. This podcast is such an amazing resource to dive in deeper and get even more out of her advice and knowledge. She’s fun to listen to, has great guest speakers, and leaves you with a smile feeling encouraged and blessed after listening to her podcasts. Definitely a parenting podcast on the rise.

Jean, @jeaniulani | iTunes Subscriber

I enjoy looking through the archives because there is always something I want to learn more about or be encouraged in or pass on to encourage someone else!

OverflowOfHope, iTunes Subscriber

Thank you for giving me the support and guidance to parent my children in a way that will make them grow and be an asset to their communities.

Angry Bird Star Wars 2, iTunes Subscriber

Episode 064 Exhale to Find the Real You

Are you a recovering perfectionist? In this podcast, our guests today have just the encouragement you need to exhale and lose who you’re not, love who you are, to live your one life well.     Click below to listen!About the Authors:...

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Episode 063 Parenting Beyond the Rules

Parenting teens with joy is possible when we seek to understand and guide them. Let go of the rules long enough to love them well. Click below to listen! Meet the Author Connie Albers spent 25 years parenting teens including her five children and 20 years working with...

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Episode 062 Motherhood By Design

Hettie Brittz helps us to understand how our natural temperament is just motherhood by design: God's design.   Click below to listen!About Our Guest: Hettie Brittz (From As a former speech, language and hearing therapist, Hettie worked in...

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Episode 059 How to Give Birth to Big Dreams

This mama knows about birthing dreams. As a 3x surrogate, Tiffany Jo Baker is in the business of helping families to realize and birth dreams God has put on their heart. Join us as we discuss how to maintain the proper perspective while chasing realistic goals in...

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