The Practical Family Podcast is an audio show that you can listen to in your home or on the go, on your very own devices. Each week, Jenn Bryant will address topics related to faith, family, education with special guests or co-hosts. It’s such a convenient way to get practical ideas to build stronger foundations for your family.

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Latest Episodes

Episode 108 | Know Your “Why”

How knowing your “why” is fuel for homeschooling and how to encourage characteristics of the heart that you can’t measure with a grade.

Such a great podcast for parents who desire to raise children to be all God has designed them to be. They also provide links to all of their recommendations and resources! Thank you!

So Much Wisdom | iTunes Subscriber

I enjoy looking through the archives because there is always something I want to learn more about or be encouraged in or pass on to encourage someone else!

OverflowOfHope | Tunes Subscriber

Thank goodness for this podcast! It’s so spirit-filled and REAL! It’s perfect for when I need some answers or affirmation. I just love it! Thank you Jennifer for the work you put into this production! Blessings from the DMV! (DC/Maryland/Virginia area)

Malmichelle | iTunes Subscriber

I am devouring your podcast! Love them so so so much and grateful I found them through the Dr. Lucretia Berry podcast I first listened to. The topics are so timely for me right now and providing a lot of support and understanding in my own healing journey and also interactions with women as a forty year old lol! Female friendships and relationships can be challenging and your work has been super helpful for me for my own internal work and creating boundaries (and not feeling bad about it) and understanding women interactions in business…I love how your work is rooted in Jesus and scripture. That’s been really helpful and refreshing to listen and learn.

MaryBeth McKinley

Mama & Yoga Instructor, Our Yoga Nest

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