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Jennifer Bryant is an educator in real life and online. Her website is a wonderful resource for parents wanting to raise good humans who love the Lord. Even if you’re not a Christian, she has a lot of helpful, encouraging, and amazing content on her site. This podcast is such an amazing resource to dive in deeper and get even more out of her advice and knowledge. She’s fun to listen to, has great guest speakers, and leaves you with a smile feeling encouraged and blessed after listening to her podcasts. Definitely a parenting podcast on the rise.

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I enjoy looking through the archives because there is always something I want to learn more about or be encouraged in or pass on to encourage someone else!

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Thank you for giving me the support and guidance to parent my children in a way that will make them grow and be an asset to their communities.

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Episode 055 | When Loss Comes in Many Forms

Did you ever try to plan out how your life was going to be when you grew up? Rachel did. She wanted a husband, 4 kids, a white picket fence, and a dog that never barked. Through her experiences as a foster, adoptive, and birth mother, Rachel Lewis shares how to...

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Episode 054 | Why We Need Mom Mentors

Women put lots of pressure on themselves to handle every responsibility with ease.  Sarah Mae shares how we need mom mentors and the guidance of an older woman to navigate the difficult waters of life, connection with God, and our kids. Click below to listen!...

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Episode 052 | Getting Control Under Control

Jennifer Dukes Lee shares the natural inclinations of women who need to have everything under control, and how they can peacefully walk in their calling. Click below to listen!   About the Author Jennifer is a big fan of dark chocolate, emojis, eighties music,...

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Episode 050 | Loving My Actual Christmas

Loving My Actual Christmas Have you ever found yourself wishing for a different Christmas? Does Christmas usually come with mixed feelings of joy, regret, and maybe even anxiety? What would your actual Christmas look like if you could have it your way? Expectations...

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Episode 049 | Becoming Less Than Perfect Parents

Raising little people doesn't mean producing perfect little Christ followers. But instilling a love for the real Jesus will transform the sacred ground of our home. Less than perfect parents can raise (sort of) great kids! Jami Amerine shares how her perspective as a...

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Episode 048 | Homegrown Learners

Meet a former public school teacher who fell in love with learning at home and developed her own music appreciation curriculum. This seasoned mama has many nuggets of wisdom to share for families considering the homeschool lifestyle. Mary Prather, founder of...

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