Do you have what it takes to be a homeschool mom? Yes! We’re busting the myth that you have to do it all to be effective.


Katie M. Reid has been married to Adam for almost eighteen years, and is the mother of five loud children (ages three to fifteen). Besides Jesus and her family, cut-to-the-chase conversations and musicals are a few of her favorite things.

Katie encourages others to exchange try-hard striving for hope-filled freedom through her messages, articles, songs, and resources. She is a trained bible study facilitator and author of the book, Made Like Martha: Good News for the Woman Who Gets Things Done. 


“Start from a place of peace instead of panic.”

We’re talking about:

  • When you feel like you have to do it all

  • Overwhelmed by all the choices PLUS managing and maintaining your home? Join Katie Reid and I as we discuss what it means for a homeschooling mother to let go of what is necessary to accept what we have actually been handed. 

  • Women often quote the verses in Titus 2 that are commonly interpreted as women being workers at home. Katie offers a slightly deeper perspective, that we should know what’s going on in our home, but this doesn’t mean we have to do everything. Go with your strengths, and outsource the rest or train your kids to help.

  • Our job is not to be Wonder Woman or our children’s Savior. We can know enough to guide them without doing everything for them.

  • So where is this pressure coming from?

  • What about homeschool moms that school all year round

  • When it’s okay to say “that’s not my strength.”

  • Katie talks about how her expectations of the day has changed over the years

  • The idea of “BALANCE” vs. being a “FAITHFUL STEWARD.” When we steward the moments instead of taking on the whole school year.

  • YES, NO, & HELP
  • How to recover and protect against high expectations.
  • Treating your kids like team members is key to getting things done during the day.
  • Why we need to celebrate what’s been DONE.


“If you’re questioning your decision to homeschool because it’s hard, that does’t mean it’s wrong.”

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