Homeschool mama of 20 years and counting, Susan Seay brings practical wisdom to moms in the thick of home education and home management. She is a mentor, life coach, and international author and speaker. Follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and visit her website at SusanSeay.com

How can homeschool moms be more intentional?

Susan and I discuss which routines are most important to keep the family grounded while homeschooling. She mentions “The Mom Load” and how to shift from reacting to the moment-by-moment problem solving, and approach the family with a vision & goal.

What does intentionality look like for OUR family?

Ask yourself, “What matters most to us?” Instead of adding more work onto your mama plate, ask “What can this child do? What are they capable of?”

“I never truly allowed my family to see the needs, because I always saw them.”

Susan encourages us to build confidence by giving our kids small life skills every day. “Their life skill is an enhancement to our family.”

Drop your balls before you hit a wall.

You have permission to stop dropping some of the balls in the air. Sometimes we need to lower our standards. Get to the point when you can say, “That’s enough for today.”

“Make plans, but hold them loosely.”

Find out why Susan took everyone down to 7 outfits, and why that backfired.

Do you have many people in a small space? Find out how small spaces can be a blessing and keep the family together.

When we oversupply our kids with toys, we overwhelm them with extra decisions to keep a clean space. What do they truly enjoy?

After 20 years of homeschooling, Susan talks about the things she no longer worries about.

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