Making your home easier to manage so you can be free to enjoy your life! Join me and Trisha Childers, our home care expert at Practical Family.

Mama, you are not the only person to contribute to the effort of keeping your home in order. Learn how to Drip Delegate by beginning with the end in mind. Be mindful of expectations and what your kids “should” be able to do. Train kids how the real world works… including the part money and the value of stuff plays into work ethic at home.

Find out why Trisha and I don’t buy toys for our kids. Instead, get your kids to ask, “What’s my job today?” Find out why natural consequences are the kindest and most effective way to teach our kids including realistic motivations and consequences.


Trisha Childers is a military wife, a stay at home mother of two, and contributing writer here at Practical Family. Through her Home On Purpose series, she uses her gifts of organization and planning to coach other women on decluttering, downsizing, an organizing their homes.  She believes that when the house itself is easy to live in and easy to maintain, we are free to spend that extra energy on something more important: the people who live in it!

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