Follow me on a one-year journey from the earliest prep to the final unpacking.

After 22 years with the navy, my husband has finally retired and entered civilian life one again.  Knowing this would be our last move (for a while at least) I decided to do something special.

Over the course of the year, I chronicled the strategies I used to make the process of packing and unpacking as stress-free as possible. I hope you enjoy it!

~ Trisha

Why am I doing this?

Moving is already a daunting task, especially with two small children. Why on earth would I choose to add to my workload by making this mini-documentary? Here’s why …

6-8 Months Ahead

It stands to reason reducing the amount of stuff you have to pack, move, and unpack, will make the move less difficult. Here is the easiest way to lose a few boxes! 

6-8 Months Ahead

We all love the idea of doing a massive purge before the move, getting rid of all clutter and downsizing all of the excess. But how do we find time for that while dealing with all the other logistical tasks?

3 Months Ahead

When stuff starts coming out of closest and cupboards, your home can start to feel like a maze of obstacles. Here’s how I’ve chosen to curb that chaos.

2 Months Ahead

Most people try to save this work for the unpacking phase of the move, but trust me – doing it ahead of time solves a lot of problems later!

1 Month Ahead

Sometimes there’s an odd “lull” … like the calm before the storm. Here’s how I put that time to good use. 

The Last Few Weeks

Moving is like a giant DO-OVER!

I want my new home to function better than the last, but improvements don’t happen by accident. Here is one frustration that I hope to avoid in my new home, and how I use the move to my advantage.

Initial Unpacking

We have the keys to our new home! The trucks are in the driveway, boxes are being unloaded, everything happens at once.

What is the most important thing for me to focus on during these first crucial moments?

One Last Unpacking Strategy

Something was bound to go wrong. It happens every time we moved. But this time, I was ready

Has it really been a year?!

I hope you enjoyed watching our family move … and seeing my hair grow longer too! The investment of time and energy up front has definitely paid off. Our stuff is organized, our spaces function well, and we can relax and enjoy our lives.

This is what Home On Purpose is all about!

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