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Home On Purpose is all about helping you make your life at home easier, so you can be free to enjoy life with your family. 

I hope these encouraging messages give you the confidence and motivation to take action in your home.


I am about to go through a major transition in my life. Instead of crossing my fingers and hoping everything works out, I am taking action!

In this episode I share what I am doing to avoid my future “frazzle.” 

Episode #9 How I'm Avoiding my Frazzle

by Trisha Childers | June 25, 2022


INTENTIONALIZE has quick tips on specific corners of your home.

THE GUIDE TO A SMOOTH SCHOOL YEAR is packed with effective strategies for the most common sources of school-year stress.


Extra and unnecessary stuff gets in the way and clogs our home.

We would love to get rid of some and create more elbow room. But why is it so hard to make the decisions?

In this episode, learn how to change the conversation and downsize the easy way.

Episode #8 How to Downsize the Easy Way

by Trisha Childers | April 9, 2022


Which area of your home would you love to downsize?

Browse the instructional guides and video series options or request a personal consultation today!


Did you know that there are actually TWO types of clutter?

Each one operates differently and therefore needs a different decluttering approach. When we look at our clutter through this lens, decluttering becomes so much easier!

Episode #7 There are 2 Types of Clutter

by Trisha Childers | March 8, 2022


Decluttering is a great start, but it doesn’t solve the whole problem.

Click the button to read the article and discover why Decluttering is only Half the Solution.


I fantasize about giving my home the deep cleaning and full decluttering it deserves, but I’ll never have time to do everything.

Is there a way to make real Spring Cleaning progress without getting in over my head?

Episode #6 Your Battle Plan for a Spring Cleaning Victory!

by Trisha Childers | February 2, 2022


You don’t have to wait for spring to start taking control of your home.

This free template can help you prioritize your projects, track your progress, and stay motivated.

Download your freebie today!

My Spring Cleaning Plan

Gain clarity and set reasonable goals for your home

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    EPISODE #5

    Home On Purpose is all about improving the way your home functions so you can enjoy life more.

    But there’s a danger …

    When we focus too much on the areas of our home that need help, we can start to feel as if we can’t do anything right. That’s not true!

    Episode #5 Remember to Remember the Positive

    by Trisha Childers | January 1, 2022


    Which home projects merit your time and energy most and first?

    The Home Diagnostic Tool can help you find out!

    EPISODE #4

    Do you have an overloaded calendar? Houseguests? Home renovation? Preparing to move?

    When you are in an extra busy season of life and feeling swamped, the regular routines might stop working.

    Here are some tips for keeping your sanity when you’re swamped.

    Episode #4 How to Keep your Sanity when You're Swamped

    by Trisha Childers | December 6, 2021


    Your household situation is unique. Meet with Trisha to develop a customized plan to achieve your personal home goals.

    EPISODE #3

    Starting around October, our to-do lists continue to grow, and it doesn’t let up until January.

    The strain of the holiday season can definitely weigh us down but it can also be incredibly productive.

    Episode #3 How the Strain of the Holidays Can Be Productive

    by Trisha Childers | November 6, 2021


    Once you’ve identified the sources of inefficiency, browse our resources and begin transforming the way your home functions!

    EPISODE #2

    Declutter – Downsize – Reorganize

    This trio is so commonly useful that I have dubbed it DDR for short.

    What could possibly be dangerous about DDRing your home?

    Episode #2 The Dangers of Spontaneous DDRing

    by Trisha Childers | September 19, 2021


    The Home Diagnostic Tool helps you trace the symptoms of frustration to their source so you can solve them once and for all!  

    EPISODE #1

    How did Trisha Childers meet Jennifer Bryant?

    Why did Jenn want to add a home-care division to Practical Family?

    Why is it called “Home On Purpose”?

    How did a former math teacher and military wife get interested in home management in the first place?

    Episode #1 Where Did Home On Purpose Come From?

    by Trisha Childers | September 1, 2021


    You’ve already been introduced to the Podcast, now it’s time to enjoy everything else this incredible program has to offer!

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