Speech and Debate

Our kids were very shy about speaking in public. Most people fear public speaking (even more than death as statistics have shown!), so it was a stretch to believe my kids would willingly agree to join a speech and debate club.

Our first visit was nerve-wracking. This was completely new territory for us – we had no idea if this experience was right for our family, or for the kids learning styles. I remember asking the director: So are these kids all super high-achieving? What should we expect for work load during the school year?

After a few meetings, my hesitant 12 and 13 year old practiced impromptu speaking with the student break-out groups and they were hooked.

We have loved putting speeches together, competing in local and even national tournaments. Participating with NCFCA has boosted their confidence like no other, and we highly recommend it to kids who need to come out of their shell, or teens who need an outlet for their enthusiasm. 

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