NCFCA Speaking Samples

Chloe Bryant

Chloe joined NCFCA Honolulu when she was 12 years old. She competed in three qualifier tournaments in the spring of 2022 with two speech events: Impromptu and Informative Speaking. Chloe qualified for Regional Championships with her informative speech on The Archerfish. She also worked on a Biblical Presentation piece on the book of Jonah and presented at the National Online Open. This year, Chloe is studying apologetics and planning a duo interpretation speech with Asher.

“At first, I didn’t want to do speech and debate because I thought it would be boring. But after being in the program for a few weeks, I realized that everyone didn’t have high expectations of me. I could work from where I’m comfortable and learn from there. I hope to improve more each year and become a more confident to use my speaking skills toward a career in acting.”


Impromptu Speech

(2 minutes prep, random topic)


Informative Speech

The Archerfish


Impromptu Speech

(2 minutes prep, random topic)


Biblical Presentation
National Online Open

“The Book of Jonah”


Asher Bryant

Asher joined NCFCA Honolulu when he was 11 years old. He is a natural talker, but the training NCFCA has afforded him has grown his confidence like nothing else. The chance to study different ways of speaking and practice in front of his peers has been an important experience to overcome his fears and try new things. This will be his first year competing in tournament season, studying apologetics, and planning a duo interpretation speech with Chloe. 

“I thought speech and debate wouldn’t be fun, but now I like it and recommend other students try it, too. I love that we get to be in club with a lot of experienced people who teach me how to get better. I hope I can grow to be a good speaker that people enjoy listening to.”


Impromptu Speech 2/2022

(2 minutes of prep, random topic)

Impromptu Speech 10/2022

(2 minutes of prep, random topic)


Help Chloe and Asher get to the National Open Tournament in North Carolina! It’s a chance to share their public speaking experience with students from all over the country. This kind of exposure will help them grow as speakers and young people who are confident citizens in their country. Click below to donate by December 15th, 2022.

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