Perfect for mom’s groups, bible studies, women’s groups, retreats, and large events!

How does it work?

STEP 1:  Fill out the Request Form. 

Tell me about your organization, your event, and the topic that would bless your attendees most. 

STEP 2:  Work out the details. 

I will give you a call within a day or two of receiving your request.  Together we will solidify the topic and logistics. 

Fees vary based on the type of event, the location (virtual or in-person) and the workload involved.

STEP 3:  Enjoy your event! 

Choose from topics such as:

How to train the kids to help out more around the house.

Navigating the epic battle between “pack-rat” and “minimalist.”

How to build routines and actually stick to them.

If every inch of my home needs help, where do I begin?

How to protect your home from future clutter.

AND MORE . . .

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