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When people first hear that I run a home-management program, they often jump to he conclusion that I am naturally on top of things all the time and that my home always looks immaculate. 

Not even close!

Those who know me well know that I am actually a quite forgetful person.  When life gets hectic, I get overwhelmed, lose track of things, and neglect important tasks.  I also have a strong tendency to get down on myself whenever I drop the ball.  Regret and guilt are two of the hardest emotions for me to overcome.

Growing up, I developed the habit of staying organized as a way of protecting myself from those feelings.  Without realizing I was doing it, I used planning, decluttering, and routines to make it easier for me to keep life on track.

In the process, I have found all sorts of strategies for making life easier, especially in the home.

What began as a self-defense mechanism (to avoid the horrible feelings of failure) has eventually grown into an incredibly useful set of strategies, skills, and habits.

Friends noticed and began asking me for advice. Every time I passed on something I had learned to another mom, I was thrilled to see the amazing positive effects not only on her home, but also her mood and energy level.

And thus Home On Purpose was born!

This is a comprehensive home-management program designed to make your home easier to manage.  We achieve this goal by identifying the biggest sources of frustration and utilizing proven and effective strategies that solve problems at their source.

As you work to transform one area at a time, recognizing the unnecessary stuff, developing efficient routines, and strengthening functionality, you will feel yourself shifting from from tired to energized, intimidated to confident, and frustrated to free!

~ Trisha Childers ~


Speaking Events, Consultations, and More!

Does your group have an event coming up? 

Trisha has spoken at mom’s groups, women’s groups, and large events both in-person and virtually.

Choose a topic that matters most to your group!

Enjoy encouraging teaching, free resources, and an opportunity to ask Trisha anything!


What can you expect from a consultation?

  • Enjoy one-on-one coaching in a private or group setting
  • Focus on the specific aspects of home management that personally cause you the most trouble
  • Navigate relational complications and emotional obstacles
  • Develop a customized plan of action tailored to suit your home, your schedule, and your personality!

Home On Purpose is regularly releasing new content and hosting fun events!

  • Enjoy helpful and encouraging content weekly.
  • Ask Trisha anything during our Group Coaching Sessions. 
  • Be the first to hear about new resources and amazing deals. 
  • Get access to webinars and other free events, such as the Spring Cleaning Challenge, and more!

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