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Jenn Bryant shares her family’s journey of change and growth, including a trip to Iceland and joining Speech and Debate. New voices join the Practical Family Podcast, including the Catanzaro family, Trisha Childers, and other friends. Jenn discusses the expansion of Family Life’s offerings, including more courses and ebooks, and a new podcast dedicated to emotional and spiritual support for mothers. The Enough Mom Podcast will address common struggles and emotional overwhelm faced by moms, with a focus on practical and spiritual discipleship. Practical advice for families in new podcast series coming called Loved Enough. 

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Episode Transcript

PF Podcast_Episode 200_We’re Back! Let’s Connect


Welcome to the practical family podcast, where we are helping families to live simply love deeply and lead. Well. This is a show by parents for parents, a collaborative team from different family structures, bringing you diverse voices and experiences from a Christian perspective. Join us on this amazing journey and learn to live, love and lead your family well so that the next generation can thrive. Hello, friends, and welcome back to the practical family podcast. I am Jen Bryan, and I’m so happy to be with you again. Wow, these last few years have been a crazy wild ride for me for my family. I just want to say, Hey, I’m back. And I took a three year hiatus, which was supposed to be only a few months. And that being three years, the middle of 2021, our family decided to take a trip to Iceland, my husband brought it up and I said, hey, why not? Let’s go we had a fabulous time, other side of the world actually the exact opposite side of the world from where we are here in Honolulu, Hawaii. And after that just change after change kept coming in for our family. We put the kids in Speech and Debate immediately and have just had a blast with that organization. And it’s it’s just taken up a lot more of our time. So podcasting content for me when it kind of went to the backburner. And now I’m bringing it back to the front burner. And we’ve got fun things coming up for the practical family podcast. I want to let you know that we have new voices coming on with us. It’s not just me anymore. If you’ve been listening for any length of time or watching our social media, you know that I started this back in 2017 and crashed the podcast, the blog, the the homeschool supplement offerings have just kind of exploded in a cool way. And I am excited to be able to bring you more content that is now coming from different voices. So we’ve got the cat and Xaro family. Tom and Jen kittens are good friends of mine. They actually live in the San Francisco Bay area of California. I’m over here in Hawaii, we’ve got Trisha Childers over in Colorado. And as you know, she is our homecare expert and her program home on purpose has brought so much clarity and joy to families who take advantage of her products. So now what we’re doing is offering more course offerings, we plan on bringing you ebooks. So we plan on bringing you more special series and specific series dedicated directly to what families have been saying that they need. Another cool thing that’s coming and this episode is is a short one just because it’s the intro it’s it’s our way back into your lives onto your podcasts stations. I want to let you know that what’s been on my heart a lot lately is the emotional, mental spiritual state of our mothers of motherhood rather than just you know, our mothers, but us as mothers, if you’re a mother and you’re listening to this, and you maybe are struggling to make sense of your responsibilities, your role in your home in your marriage. We’re going to talk through all those things. We’re going to bring light to the common emotional struggles that moms face. And that is going to happen in a

separate podcast called The enough mom podcast. So we got the practical family podcast, we got the enough mom podcast, we have resources coming really out of our ears out of our minds out of our hearts to you. homeschool stuff will still be there but we’re acting more as sort of a consulting role and then homeschool will sort of serve as an illustration for what some of us are dealing with. But we are speaking to moms who are working moms who are home moms who are homeschooling or not you know, it’s we’re all coming from similar places of struggle. When when when stuff just gets overwhelming stuff just gets to be too much and so we’ll have that practical family part of it and Tom and Jen cat and Xaro are dedicating themselves to the spiritual discipleship part of of Family Life, understanding God’s heart for us as parents, as a family, as leaders in our home and our community. And we want to bring you just a, a hopefully a refreshing take on all of these things. Because the older that we get, right I mean, I’m, I started this when my kids were little, my kids are now teenagers. So I’m going to be speaking to you from the raising teenager standpoint, Tom and Jen have five young kids of their own, they’re going to speak to you about their current struggles. And we’re going to bring in guests and hear from from people who have launched their children. People in the emptiness stage possibly, and we’re just we just want to bring a very real side of family life, not over spiritualize things, not gloss over things and just slap a Bible verse on everything. We want to come from a very real and authentic place for you. So I’m all about practicality. I’m all about okay, how does this apply to us today? Based on what we know about our big God who loves us, hears us, wants us to bring our needs to him. So I’m excited to move forward with you. And this is just the introductory episode. This is just the beginning guys. I am so excited for what else is to come. I don’t want to spend too much time on it today, but relevant links of what you can expect will be in the show notes after this first episode. And this is episode 200 200 of the practical family podcast. Stay tuned for more please visit us at practical family.org. All our social medias are in the outro that you’ll see in just a second. So please stay tuned and visit us on YouTube so you can see all of our recorded face and audio videos. That bless you love you. Please join us for the next episode that’s coming out that will kick off our series called loved enough. And Tom and I are leading that one. See you soon guys. Bye. You’ve been listening to the practical family podcast where we are helping families to live simply love deeply and lead well. Remember, parenting and maintaining a healthy family dynamic is an ongoing journey, but you don’t have to navigate it alone. Head over to practical family.org For more resources including articles, videos, and an online community where you can connect with other families striving to make each day a little bit better. Please Like and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and acts. If you enjoyed this episode, please share it with your friends and family and leave a rating and review to Help others discover this podcast. Until next time, this is the practical family team encouraging you to live simply love deeply and lead well.

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