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Our family happens to use the Classical Conversations curriculum, but there are many more wonderful styles of schooling out there.  Click on the image below for more information about the Classical Model of Education.

*Note: Practical Family is not affiliated in any way with Classical Conversations, we are just a family who loves their curriculum and creates helpful resources for other families. You can also visit CC’s official website here.

    Homeschool Blog Posts

    Episode 048 | Homegrown Learners

    Episode 048 | Homegrown Learners

    Meet a former public school teacher who fell in love with learning at home and developed her own music appreciation curriculum. This seasoned mama has many nuggets of wisdom to share for families considering the homeschool lifestyle. Mary Prather, founder of...

    Cycle 1 Video and Reading Match Up

    Cycle 1 Video and Reading Match Up

    Cycle 1 Video and Reading Match Up One of the reasons why we love homeschooling is because of all the people we get to meet with and share ideas. As much as I love to create resources when I'm inspired, sometimes I come across lists, charts, or organization sheets...

    Cycle 1 History Resources

    Cycle 1 History Resources History is by far my favorite subject to study in homeschool. I geeked out last year in Cycle 3 with American History (you can take a peek at those resources for next time). Our goal is to keep adding Cycle 1 History Resources each week as we...

    CC Cycle 1 Science Resources

    CC Cycle 1 Science ResourcesFreebie of the Week: Invertebrates WorksheetThis year, we're studying the natural world, including animal and plant species, geology, weather patterns, and more! These Cycle 1 Science resources can help to make your homeschool environment...

    Organize Your CC Homeschool

    Organize Your CC Homeschool

    Classical Conversations just got easier... Organize your CC homeschool year with these great resources and suggestions from other Classical Conversations parents. We all need a little help figuring out our scheduling and systems, and these are just a few suggestions...

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