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History is by far my favorite subject to study in homeschool. I geeked out last year in Cycle 3 with American History (you can take a peek at those resources for next time). Our goal is to keep adding Cycle 1 History Resources each week as we come across new and exciting things to do with the kids.

Please note these these are merely suggestions to add options for families who want to enhance their Classical Education experience. If you are enrolled in Classical Conversations, know there there is no need to add more than the memory work given. These suggestions are not a necessary supplement by any means, but simply options that your child(ren) may enjoy based on their individual personalities and interests.

Feel free to drop us a comment below and suggest more useful products or ideas.

History Pockets – Evan Moor Publishing

These are mini unit projects that we really enjoyed using last year for the time we spent on The Civil War. It’s a great hands-on way to engage with the material, and keeps their little hands busy while they cut and paste the pieces to pocket folders that they create themselves out of construction paper.

Multiple Kids – Once you purchase one book, you can make copies for your own or classroom use. So be prepared to copy pages for each child to make their own book. (It’s simpler than cutting up two books).

Construction Paper – You will need to have the 18 x 24 size paper (purchase at this link or at your local craft store). The instructions call to fold it a certain way and for the cut-out pieces to fit inside the pocket spaces for each week’s reading and activities.

Start Here

Check out the Ancient Civilizations (Grades 1-3) pockets first because it encompasses many of the civilizations we’ll be studying in Cycle 1:

What is History?  |  Ancient Mesopotamia  |  Ancient Egypt  |  Ancient Greece   |   Ancient Rome  |   Ancient China  |   Ancient Aztec World

People of History – The Family Storyteller

A sweet way for young ones to engage with the people of history as simply illustrated characters. You can make this experience as simple or complex as you like, even cut them out of your printable and attach to wooden pegs or sticks for a mini puppet show!

History Coloring Pages – @amiesniderDESIGN

If your child loves to color, you must download these pages! They bring such life to the history lesson from the creative genius of Amy Snider. Check out her other printables for Cycle 1 planning

 Draw and Write through History

These books are how-to guides on drawing historical figures and places based on Cycle 1 history. We used the Pilgrims, Pirates, and Patriots book for Cycle 3 history (my son loved learning to draw a Civil War cannon, hehe).

Since we are covering a larger span of history, you may want to check out part 1 and part 2 (Greece and Rome).

Kids Animated History with Pipo

Free video series when you have Amazon Prime! Each part is only about 10 minutes long animated with real pictures and paintings from this time period. Narrated well, keeps to the point, and great quality for elementary aged kids.

We will use this series for most civilizations we study in Cycle 1 History. Here are the episodes according to our curriculum weeks:


WEEK 1 – Mesopotamia (Fertile Crescent)

WEEK 2 – The Persian Empire (Assyrian Empire, similar cultures / time period))

WEEK 3 – The Ancient Israelites (Hebrew Empire)

WEEK 5 – Ancient Egypt, Imperial Rome

WEEK 6 – Classical Greece

WEEK 7 – India  (Hinduism)

WEEK 9 – Ancient China

WEEK 10 – Japan

WEEK 11 – The Byzantine Empire

WEEK 12 – Islam

WEEK 16 – The Inca Empire, The Aztecs, The Mayas

Save or Review these episodes for CYCLE 2: The Carolingian Empire, The Celts, The Vikings

Egyptian Empire

There is so much information out there on the Egyptian empire, and while you can always check out fun books at the library, here are a few of the favorites sources we’ve come across.

We recently picked up the National Geographic edition of King Tut and the Golden Age of Pharaohs at the grocery store, but omg, it was way cheaper on Amazon!

And if you plan on being in California or can drive down to Los Angeles this year, get your family to the California Science Center for the King Tut exhibit before January 6, 2019!

I’ll add to this list as the year goes on, but these Ted Ed videos are just fascinating and fun for the kids to watch and use for research.

If you don’t do anything else, make sure to watch The Prince of Egypt! This Dreamworks film follows the life of Moses as an adopted prince in Egyptian culture, the Biblical Exodus story reveals Hebrew and Egyptian culture and how God worked in the lives of His people.

Cycle 1 Book Lists

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