Cycle 1 Video and Reading Match Up

One of the reasons why we love homeschooling is because of all the people we get to meet with and share ideas. As much as I love to create resources when I’m inspired, sometimes I come across lists, charts, or organization sheets made by other mamas that just blow my mind. You will love this Cycle 1 Video and Reading Match Up that is cross-connected to the weeks we are studying in Cycle 1!

I love when we can all share ideas that help each other, to make schedules and life easier. That’s what community is meant to be, and I’m so grateful to other mamas who share their talents.

This is one of the ways we build community at Practical Family, so it’s my pleasure to share the hard work and collaboration of Courtney Humphreys, Classical Conversations mama and creator of these Cycle 1 Video and Reading Mash Up Lists.

These lists are based on the 5th edition of the Classical Conversations Foundations Guide. Find out more about the Classical Conversations homeschool curriculum here.

They are available to download here for free in spreadsheet format and include the following book and video series:

Video Series Based on Video Match Up List

>>> Click here or on the image below to download directly <<<

Some of the resources lists are stand-alone movies, some are from YouTube, some are online games. Please read Courtney’s disclaimer at the top of the list and make choices that are appropriate for your own family.

Kids Animated History with Pipo (Amazon Prime)

Magic School Bus (Netflix)

Bill Nye (Netflix)

Magic School Bus Rides Again (Netflix)

Torchlighters (Amazon Prime)

Cat in the Hat (Netflix)

Once Upon a Time Explorers (Amazon Prime)

How to Use the Cycle 1 Match Up

I found it helpful to download this spreadsheet, print out (or have readily accessible in your digital files), and as you’re creating your schedule for the week, decide which videos would be most helpful for your child’s level of learning, and works best with your family’s schedule.

As you plan for memory work reminders, math and writing practice, use this list as a supplement after that work is done. I like to use these connecting videos and reading options as a reward for getting through the memory work.

You do not need to watch every video or read every book in this list. It is totally up to you how many you use and what can realistically fit into your schedule. We only provide this as a resource to help you easily access these options in one document! Yay for everything in one place!

Thank you again, Courtney Humphreys for creating this list and for all the mamas out there who love to bless the CC community with your time and talents.


If you would like to offer your CC supplement project on Practical Family, feel free to contact me at jenn@practicalfamily.org.

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