Classical Conversations just got easier…

Organize your CC homeschool year with these great resources and suggestions from other Classical Conversations parents.

We all need a little help figuring out our scheduling and systems, and these are just a few suggestions we’ve collected to help ease the anxiety of a busy school year.

If you have any other suggestions, feel free to let us know in the comments!

cc cycle 1 planners half a hundred acre wood organize your cc homeschool

This planner is an excellent way to keep track of your schedule as well as your records for schooling. Brandy Ferrell, creator of Half a Hundred Acre Wood does an excellent job laying out a fill-in-the-blank space for each week’s memory work, subjects, and a checklist format. This website is also a favorite among CC homeschoolers with many incredible resources reading lists, cursive writing practice, and practical advice on her blog.

A 12-month calendar is included along with a sheet for attendance keeping, and grading. If you are ever asked to provide proof of schoolwork in your home state, or just for your own peace of mind, this is a nice organization system to have in place.

cc ultimate planner amiesniderDESIGN organize your cc homeschool

This planning system is great because it focuses on goal-setting. You and your child(ren) can check in with each other on a circular goal-setting chart, plan out meals, reading lists, memory work, and even when to take their vitamins ­čÖé

Amie Snider, creator of this planner and so many other wonderful CC educational downloads, is truly a CC parent who has put her plan into action. Check out more of her stuff on Etsy.

CC Memory Work Cards The Family Storyteller organize your cc homeschool

We love these colorful fill-in-the-blank memory work flashcards! Kids can interact with their work and semi-create their own memorization system. Great for memory masters who need more practice writing down the lists, collecting the information for themselves and practicing it out loud.

This sweet resources was made by another CC mom, former missionary, and 25% of proceeds from her digital downloads go directly toward Bible translation in other countries.

CC Memory Work Flip book Turquoise Homeschool organize your cc homeschool

These flip book print-outs are fun because they can be sized to fit in a photo book. This is a great option for on-the-go studying, in the car, or while you’re waiting in line at the grocery store. Perfect Memory Master study tool.

Kathy Leckrone, another CC parent, has created both fill-in-the-blank cards available on Etsy, and filled-out cards as seen below.

cc memory work flip book turquoise homeschool organize your cc homeschool

Due to CC’s copyright, these are only available for families enrolled in a local community. Get them on CC Connected under the username┬ákleckrone.┬á

Timeline Card Page Protectors & Binder System

This will be our first year using this system, but other parents have said this saved them from losing or bending their beautiful timeline cards! Maybe you keep five or so of them up during the week of study. Store the ones you’re not displaying in this easy filing system.

Companion Notebooks – Sunshine & Oranges

One of our favorite resources, this Companion Notebook set is so beautifully created by our friends Amy Atkins and Sara Burns over at Sunshine and Oranges. You will love the simple fill-in-the-blank style of these notebooks, and they are available in bound or spiral binding from their website or Amazon when you click on the photos below.

I had the chance to interview Amy and Sara this year on the Practical Family Podcast about how they met and began to create these awesome resources. They also have their own show called the Sunshine and Oranges Podcast where they discuss the weekly memory work subjects in a little more depth to give mamas a head start to their homeschooling week.

Make sure to order each book, Weeks 1-12 & Weeks 13-24. 

companion notebook week 1-12 sunshine and oranges organize your cc homeschool
companion notebook week 13-24 sunshine and oranges organize your cc homeschool

The Grammar of Grammar Notebook – Sunshine & Oranges

This notebook is a sister companion to the Companion Notebooks, as it covers the next steps of English language learning from the Essentials Program. Beginning around 4th grade, kids in the Classical Conversations program also study the English language more intensively, learning to break down and build up sentences and really own grammar in order to think and write at higher levels in middle school.

Sara Burns who has been a tutor in CC for many year, wrote the Grammar of Grammar notebook to allow kids to practice the basics of the Essentials program, and use better strategies to help them remember these building blocks of language.

grammar of grammar notebook sunshine and oranges organize your cc homeschool

Do you have favorite ways to organize your CC homeschool? Please share with us in the comments!

cycle 1 weekly sheets fill in the blank