Part of realizing our strengths is accepting that we are made differently… and that is okay. Listen to the testimonies of moms who are learning to accept themselves for who they are, and grow with God’s help.

Who in the world?!

Have you ever spun in circles trying to figure out why you are the way you are? Maybe you constantly butt heads with your spouse, moms at church or your kids school… or maybe it’s this constant sense of intimidation and pressure.

“Should I be doing things like that mom?”

It may be obvious to remind you that we are all made different. I mean, we know that, but do we believe that day-to-day when we interact with others who don’t do things the way we do?

Our hope is that this episode opens your eyes to at least nine different types of personalities, how to recognize and utilize natural strengths, and how to trust God with natural weaknesses (and how vulnerability is a good thing!)

Time Stamps

4:30 – Jordan’s experience

7:10 – Type 1

8:21 – Kelly Russell

10:21 – Type 2

12:40 – Chris Moss  

14:46 – Cheri Gregory 

16:43 – Type 3

19:30 – How homeschoolers cut class

20:10 – Sarah Jonsgaard 

24:20 – Type 4

25:20 – Lyneta Smith  

27:53 – Type 5

30:05 – Type 6

33:00 – Jaclyn Flores

36:05 – Type 7

38:30 – Jennifer Catanzaro

42:05 – Type 8

43:20 – Cheri Fletcher (7w8)  

46:20 – Angela Bouma – 

49:03 – Type 9

50:30 – Bethany Howard

53:20 – Emily Rickard

56:30 – Wrapping it up

Jennifer Bryant is the wife of a good man and mother of two precious kids. Her favorite things include reading, organizing, blogging, singing with her kids, laughing out loud with her husband, and making food for people. She lives in Honolulu, Hawaii and dreams of taking her family on marvelous adventures across the globe. In the meantime, she blogs about life and family at PracticalFamily.org, and encourages others to build practical skills for healthy communication, simple living, and discover their awesomeness. Read more here. 

Jordan Marzan is originally from West Virginia, raised in a family of nine kids, former nanny of five, and a proud home school graduate (thanks mom!). She holds a degree in public relations and works as an actress, ballroom dancer, and podcaster. Much to her delight, Tyler (i.e. “Hawaiian Man-Candy”) agreed to marry her three years ago and they now live in Hawaii. They enjoy long naps on the beach and are trying to find a hobby that somehow combines dancing and racing cars.

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