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Enough, Already

Learn to recognize the insecurities that keep moms from giving their best to their family. How to discover your unique gifts, and embrace grace in motherhood.

How to Not Lose Your Mind as a Mom

Let’s look at 5 basic things you can practice in your home to set clear expectations and give yourself a break.

The Value of Vulnerability

Why it’s important to let our kids see us miss the mark, surrender control, and apologize. How to model humility to build trust with our kids.

3 Keys to Fostering Healthy Independence in Your Kids

How to model warning, provide guidance, and grant freedom so your kids can grow in maturity instead of fear.

Clear & Creative Planning

 Maintain a calendar that protects you from over-committment, teaches kids time management, makes room for the things you care about the most.

For the Love of Boys

5 Traits of a Mother and Son Relationship that Lasts

Christian Mothers

Firm Foundation of Our Home

How do you prepare a foundation before a structure is built? Reviewing the process of literally prepping soil, and how that correlates to the metaphorical soil of our hearts.

Raising Good Christians

My testimony as a church kid who needed to find her own way to Jesus. Helping moms to understand their role in paving the way to Christ, how to stay out of the way, and pray.

Grow Grateful Kids

How to sew seeds of affirmation that builds confident kids who do the same.

Fighting Entitlement

5 weapons that destroy the entitlement dragon and help us to be more like Christ (based in 2 Peter 1)

In an age where moving past platitudes and band-aid solutions to our most pressing family needs, Jenn speaks to both who we are today and who we want to be tomorrow. Biblically grounded theology presented in a logical method make her presentations an entertaining, educational, and exceptional resource. Her words help guide listening hearts and minds towards embracing living fully in our Fathers world.

Jordan Marzan

Wife & Former Homeschooler

I was truly blessed by the Titus 2 workshop. No matter how old the kids are,  I can’t expect anything to be cleaned or as clean as I would like them to be. I have learned to break it down smaller into “quadrants” and that my son is a confident young man that can put his clothes away in the drawer. Every day is a learning experience for everyone. It was a true blessing to have another mothers perspective on how to get the children more involved.

Jenn Alvaro

Wife & Mother of 2

Speaking Bio

Jennifer Bryant is the founder of PracticalFamily.org, and host of the Practical Family Podcast. Trained in Christian theology, apologetics, and education, she encourages families to build practical skills for healthy communication, strengthens moms for real-life struggles, and helps women to discover their unique calling. Jenn is married to Bruce and mom to two precious preteens. Her favorite things include reading, brainstorming, singing with her kids, laughing out loud with her husband, and making food for people. She lives in Honolulu, Hawaii and dreams of taking her family on marvelous adventures across the globe.

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Professional Bio

Jennifer Bryant is an educator by profession and personality. Born the oldest of four kids in a small town in Southern California, she is fascinated by new experiences, and what makes people tick & how to find practical solutions. She holds a B.A. from California Baptist University in Christian Studies with an emphasis in Bible Theology, Philosophy, Apologetics, a minor in English, and teaching credential.

Jenn has taught elementary & middle school ages in California and Hawaii public schools, ran a private faith-based preschool, & worked as a full-time ministry administrator. She and her husband Bruce own a family restaurant (best fish tacos ever) on the south shore of Oahu in the Hawaiian islands. They are raising two adorable kids, Chloe & Asher (who are only 11 months apart) and trying to make it to the beach and discover great little food spots as often as possible.


Freebie Offerings

5 Things to Keep Yourself from Losing Your Mind as a Mom


What you get: Mom Freebie Bundle, including our basic homeschool planner, PDF of the 5 Things…encouragement printable, Ultimate Kid Snack List, & 3 mom lock screens.



Contributions & Collaborations

Founder of PracticalFamily.org and host of the Practical Family Podcast

Four Steps to Avoid Overwhelm and Focus on Our Priorities, More Than Mom Virtual Summit, June 2017.

Finding Myself: How One Working Mom Found Her Purpose at Home, October 2016. You Are More Than Mom, Gina Whitehouse.

Being Bold in Finding a New Identity, October 2017. Be Bold Girl Series, Rachel Britton.

Living By Design Ministries with Sarah Koontz, Contributing Writer.

Turning Off the Screens and Learning to Trust God’s Truth, LivingByDesign.org, January 2019.

How to Model Christ-Like Humility For Your Children, LivingByDesign.org, April 2019.

Busy, Busy, Busy: How NOT to Overschedule Our Kids, Podcast Guest for JennBuell.com, July, 2019.

The Daily Struggle for Better Communication, article for AWifeLikeMe.com, August 2019.

3 Keys to Fostering Healthy Independence in Your Children, article for LivingByDesign.org, October, 2019.

Just Say NO to an Overwhelmed Holiday Schedule, Podcast Guest for Jenn Buell, November, 2019.

When You Are Refined by Receiving, article for LyliDunbar.com, December, 2019.

How to Practice Affirmation with Valentines to Build Your Child’s Character, article for iHomeschool Network, January 2020.

Permission Slips with Bethany Howard: Permission to Be Who You Are, [YouTube Video] Facebook Live Interview, January 2020.

Guest on the Start Small, Believe BIG Podcast with Billie Jauss, April 2020.

How to Help Kids Navigate Difficult Emotions, article for LivingByDesign.com, April 2020.

The Emotional Journey of Motherhood, Part 1 – Cheri Fletcher Ministries, May 2020.

The Emotional Journey of Motherhood, Part 2 – Cheri Fletcher Ministries, May 2020.

Stuck in the Middle of Motherhood and Mahem, Kathi Lipp’s Clutter Free for Life Membership, FB Live July 16, 2020.

 It Doesn’t Have to Be All or Nothing, All the Things Vodcast with Tiffany Jo Baker, July 2020. 

How to Stay Stuck, All the Things Vodcast with Tiffany Jo Baker, July 2020. 

7 Ways to Simplify HomeschoolingBoy Mom Podcast with Monica Swanson, July 2020. 

The Beauty of Creative OrganizationWhat If? Creativity Conference Workshop – September 2020

When You Need to Pray, “Thank You, Jesus,” article for LyliDunbar.com, November 2020.

Kids and Yoga: How to Help Your Kids Understand Their Bodies, Workshop for HolyYoga.net, January 2021.

Enneagram Series: Enough-ness and the 2w3, Interviewed by Lori Young, Enneagram Coach, February 2021.

Teaching Video Clips

Short samples of my teaching style providedd here. Some videos may need to be turned up if the production quality did not allow for adequate sound levels. Adding more as we go!

Creative Planning Class

Kaimuki Public Library, 7/2019

The Names of God |

One Love Ministries, 1/2020.

On Being Blameless Before God |

One Love Devotions, 2022.

Beauty of Creative Organization |

What If Creativity Conference, 9/2020.

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