Explore how the Enneagram can help build your relationships with Enneagram coaches, authors, and spouses Beth and Jeff McCord.

Meet the Authors!

Beth McCord is an Enneagram speaker, coach and teacher for over 17 years. She is passionate about coming alongside individuals and helping them re-write their story, allowing them to see that lasting change, meaningful relationships, and a life of deep purpose is possible. This passion is what drove her to create the Your Enneagram Coach community, and a safe place for individuals to explore the typology.

Jeff McCord is the Executive Director of Your Enneagram Coach, a certified Enneagram coach himself, and practicing family mediator. He has a Masters of Divinity and has served as a pastor with the Presbyterian church in America congregation for the last twenty years.

The McCords have two grown kids and currently live in Franklin, Tennessee with their blue-eyed Australian Shepherd dog, Sky.

Before the Enneagram

As a young couple, Beth and Jeff didn’t understand why they were clashing so much. They got along great in college, but the honeymoon period seemed to end so quickly.

They knew and loved Jesus, loved each other, but had a hard time figuring each other out. Was this striving and arguing going to be marriage for the next fifty years? 

The light at the end of the tunnel came when a friend introduced Beth to the Enneagram. Like Gary Chapman’s The Five Love Languages, this new typology gave Beth and Jeff a better awareness of themselves. They learned to communicate effectively and empathetically love each other.

Their new book Becoming Us: Using the Enneagram to Create a Thriving Gospel-Centered Marriage can help us all become more aware of our relational patterns.

 Should We Trust the Enneagram?

The Enneagram, is an old and communal wisdom tradition.  It’s more of a soft science, not a hard empirical standard. Jeff explains. As different teachers study this traditional tool over time, many pop up and comment on their own interpretation.

Without embracing the mysticism from other teachers, we can listen to their insight, without necessarily accepting their world view.

The most important thing we can study when it comes to the Enneagram is the central relevancy of Jesus Christ. Listen to how Jeff explains the way he and Beth use this tool in their ministry. But never as a replacement for the gospel or Biblical truth.

“The Enneagram is a typology that helped us to quickly apply the truth of the gospel. Our type is the pattern of relating to God and our world and others apart from Jesus. But when we align ourselves with the truth of God’s word, all of a sudden those patterns become gifts that we bring to others, and allows us to have clarity on how to use all of our giftings to serve others.” -Jeff McCord

Your Enneagram Personalized

 This typology helps to reveal our honest desires and fears and longings. These are the emotions we do not readily share until someone asks. It’s also important to note that even after taking an assessment, you can be the only one to type yourself. You know yourself best because it’s about the way you see the world. You are the one to affirm WHY you do what you do.

Let’s work alongside each other, instead of against each other.

Jeff and Beth help us to understand how the Enneagram can be applied to all relationships. Listen in to Part 1 of our conversation and come back for Part 2!

McCord Enneagram

Click the image to get Becoming Us!

Becoming Us pulls back the curtain on marriage and weaves the Enneagram through the lense of the Gospel to reveal why you and your spouse behave in different ways. Beth and Jeff McCord have helped over 250,000 people discover their unique personality type and apply that knowledge to their relationships.

McCord Enneagram
McCord Enneagram

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