Pregnant women go through plenty of changes, but what if those changes are not only unexpected, but exhausting and even scary? Jaclyn Flores shares her first pregnancy experience that knocked her off her feet and onto her knees. Hear about how she learned how to trust God when she could not control what was happening to her body.

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About Our Guest

Jaclyn Flores loves Jesus and family time. She holds a degree in psychology, biomolecular science and is a registered nurse. She loves to sing with her church’s worship team, and lives in Southern California with her husband Edward, their fur-baby Gracie, Baby Boy Flores (scheduled to arrive April 2019).

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I Just Wanted a Normal Pregnancy

“Why can’t I just have a pregnancy like other women? My mom and sister had no problems. Why do I have to be the one with the hard pregnancy?”

Jaclyn didn’t expect to have such a difficult time carrying her first baby. It actually didn’t make sense, because she was always the one with natural maternal instinct. She loves babies and babies love her.

It never occurred to her that her own pregnancy would start with severe morning sickness, and a host of other surprises. Fear set in when her bouts with anxiety led to high sensitivity to changes in her body.

Nothing seemed right. “How am I going to nourish my baby when I can’t even eat?”

Hope for this Hard Season

While pregnancy can be a hopeful time of expectation, women can become overwhelmed fighting the fear of unfamiliar situations. Not every woman can handle this kind of stress without the support of others who understand.

In this episode, we discuss what support looks like for a pregnant woman who is having a hard time, and the best things you can do before you give advice.

We also discuss the issue of sensitivity. There is nothing wrong with being sensitive and it’s okay to admit that you can’t handle everything. Allow people to be there for you and help you. For more information on highly sensitive women, visit the Sensitive and Strong Community with Cheri Gregory.

God gives us hope, He’s right there with us, He will never leave us, and He gently reminds us of those promises. Sometimes we go through things to get others through what we’ve gone through.

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