Easy Nutrition for Busy Families

Who has time to prepare healthy food when there are so many unhealthy grab-and-go options? Sarah Jonsgaard talks real food for real families from navigating through grocery stores to helping kids choose healthy snacks.

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Sarah contributed some awesome articles to Practical Family and we turned it into The Living Whole Series. Click on the image below for more of her testimony and resources for whole food news.

Nutrition for busy families can get complicated when the simplest solution is usually bad for our bodies. But how can families on the go set themselves up for success one or two days a week and let themselves off the hook for the rest?

Sarah provides simple solutions (and one that I had never even considered!). Sometimes it’s as easy as giving yourself permission not to be a slave to every meal time. What if snacks were served for dinner instead of an entire meal? What if we said, “This is all I can do for today… you guys will live, I promise.”

What About Meal Planning?

This is a subject that we can overly complicate. I mean… if you’re expecting to cook a ton of food in a tiny bit of time.. think again. If you’re expecting to eat different things at every meal… think again. But if you’re willing to borrow and share your food items and spread them across the week, you’re on the right track.

Sometimes our food cravings can overpower our better sense of how far the dollars go at the grocery store or farmer’s market. A large part of thinking through our family meals is being content with what can can afford with our money and our time.

So if you’re ready to challenge the way you think about food in exchange for a simpler, stress-free lifestyle, you’ve come to the right podcast.

Click the play button above and listen to Episode 006 | Easy Nutrition for Busy Families with my friend Sarah Jonsgaard.


About Sarah Jonsgaard

Sarah is a die hard foodie who likes lots of cooking shows, most food trucks, and all tacos. She and Erik have been married for almost 10 years and they have three spunky kiddos, ages 7, 4 and 1. Denver, Colorado is where their feet are planted for now, but Hawaii has their heart. Currently, she spends her time picking up lots of messes and breaking up arguments but on good days, she loves a great family walk and planning for their next adventure in an RV. Helping people get access to real food and using whole foods to transform their health is her heartbeat and passion.

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