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We’re so excited to learn about ancient civilizations, plants, animals, geology, & weather this year. It’s going to be a fun one! Classical Conversations Cycle 1 subjects span a larger area geographically and historically than Cycle 3 (American History),

This resource page is for parents who use the Classical Conversations (CC) curriculum, utilizing the 5th edition of the Foundations guide. Copies are sold through the Classical Conversations website (click here). We are not affiliated with CC, only a family who uses their curriculum, and who is passionate about education and love to help other families to make learning the material easy.

Our resources range from free printables, to books, to general school supplies or ideas for art projects, and favorite YouTube videos for learning. We also share resources that our favorite homeschool bloggers offer, and their product links will take you to their website when necessary.

If you are looking for more support from other homeschooling families, I highly recommend joining these Facebook groups to ask questions from more seasoned parents. We will also share links for larger convention organizations on the main Homeschooling page.

Classical Conversations Facebook Group

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Download the memory work here via the Apple App store to listen on your mobile device.

Printables & Worksheets

While the Classical Conversations curriculum is sufficient to stand on it’s own, we offer these supplements created by homeschooling parents who have found them helpful. Please respect the individual download policies of each resource and always share the original link from the original creator.

You will notice that if a resource link sends you to a website other than Practical Family, that resource was created by the owner of that website. We love to share the hard work of other parents and hope you will share when you find something great!

Please feel free to contact us with suggestions at admin@practicalfamily.org.

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Cycle 1 Weekly Sheets

sunshine and oranges cycle 1 notebook

Cycle 1 Notebook (Sunshine + Oranges)

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Essentials Binder Cover

Thousands of Copywork Pages, Ready-Made for You!

Classical Copywork

Timeline Song Fun

The best videos we’ve found that help to memorize the Timeline Song.

Music Without Words

Hand Motions Weeks 1-13

Hand Motions Weeks 13-23

Kids Acting Out Timeline Song


N2K Battleship Game

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    Week 2: Kingdoms of Living Things Print & Cursive Practice

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    For Fun: Animal Classifications & Observation

    Homeschool Conferences 2018

    Here are listings for great conferences and / or conventions from major homeschool organizations. Click the banners to see if one will be close to your home town this year. Conferences are excellent opportunities to network with other families, learn new strategies, and check out curriculum. Some are in person, and more are being offered online! Watch training videos from the comfort of your own home.

    Teach Them Diligently Convention 2018
    Homeschool Conventions Dates
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    Book Lists

    Our favorite curriculum companies, publishers, authors, all in one spot. Use these lists to order new textbooks and reading material for your children and yourself!

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    Comprehensive List from Half a Hundred Acre Wood

    cycle 1 book list half a hundred acre wood

    Excursion Destinations

    Highly recommended destinations for learning and experiencing history and science. Click on individual links for admission prices and hours of operation.

    Live far away? Make it a family goal to save up and travel together, or meet up with other families and travel as a group!

    Museum of the Bible | Washington D.C.

    museum of the bible washington d.c.

    California Science Center | Los Angeles, California

    california science center king tut

    Explore Other Countries with Little Passports!

    Give your kids something to look forward to once a month. Our kids love this Little Passports World Edition – click on the image below for current discounts.