When I began blogging about three years ago, I wasn’t sure where to begin. I knew I needed to write, and that somebody somewhere would read and be encouraged by the message burning on my heart.

So I wrote.

Friends and family read when I posted on Facebook, but beyond that, I didn’t know how else to grow an audience.

I didn’t know the first thing about building a website.

I couldn’t afford to hire an expensive web designer, especially if this venture was beginning as more of a hobby.

I read somewhere that WordPress was the most trusted “platform” for long-term bloggers, and that as long as I had the right “plugins,” and picked a pretty “theme,” I would be all set.

Ummmmm….. what now? 

I was so lost. I had to look up those tech terms to figure out what the other bloggers meant!

Some websites provided good resources, but I needed some kind of training that would take me step by step through this new world of widgets, analytics, and meta data. I kept writing, stumbling my way through WordPress and longed for the day when my website would be worth sharing.

Then a friend recommended WP Academy.

This video tutorial course allowed me to learn WordPress at my own convenience, and with lifetime access, I didn’t need to worry about getting the most out of the program before the next fee.

That’s the other thing… there are no monthly fees! Just an easy one-time payment.

I had looked into other blogging courses that were hundreds of dollars, and they only promised to teach one part of blogging, like learning SEO, or Google Analytics.

But WP Academy comes with FOUR courses valued at hundreds of dollars each.

Make a Website in WordPress

Build Your First Online Shop

Google Analytics for Beginners

Search Engine Optimization

WP Academy is one of the most user-friendly tutorials I’ve used, and it’s given me such peace of mind that every major area of WordPress blogging is accessible in one place.

Each video is high-quality with an actual person’s voice instead of a computer-generated robot, and I don’t have to collect Google videos any more or pay for a college class to educate myself.

It was freeing to take my education into my own hands, and with WP Academy, blogging became simpler and I gained the confidence to practice writing, sharing, and building my audience.

Unexpected Growth

Once I was able to get my feet wet and learn the best practices for WordPress, everything was uphill from there. I continued with consistent branding, placed words appropriately for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and created free downloads for my target audience to opt in to my email list, and before I knew it, readership was up.

In the first six months, I hit over 3,000 readers.

By the end of 2016, I hit nearly 11,000 readers.

By the end of 2017, I hit 28,000 readers.

As this is being written in July of 2018, our readership stats read 49,535.

Practical Family grew into a popular resource for homeschool mothers, women needing inspiration about parenting and family life, and even sprouted a podcast in September of 2017.

It’s hard to believe some days how far the blog has come. What sparked as a simple idea is now a reality, and because of a few simple tools like , I was able to follow my dream of communicating and uplifting families like ours.


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Stop wasting money on other programs that charge you so much for so little. This all inclusive training will change the way you communicate.

Write your WordPress blog with confidence, on your own time, in your own words, and reach the people who need to hear your message.

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