One of my favorite memories from elementary school was when my third grade teacher, Mrs. Kirkner, had us save cereal boxes to decorate for Valentine’s Day. She had us bring our valentine cards the morning of February 14th and we got to be post men (and women), and deliver cards to each other’s boxes.

Due to my intense love for office supplies, I was most excited when she let us use a date stamp and stickers in place of postage stamps. I couldn’t wait for Valentine’s Day that year, because she made us all feel like we were learning to manage real life.

She made the holiday not only educational, but fun, and interesting. She helped to inspire my love for learning and education, and creativity in the classroom.

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Valentine Cards for the Family

If you’re homeschooling with the Classical Conversations curriculum, the themes of these cards follow Cycle 1 and Cycle 3 themes for science, history, geology, and Latin. (More designs may be added to this page over time). When you purchase these cards from our Etsy store, you are helping to support another CC homeschool family.

Download these cute Valentine cards for your family, homeschool co-op or classroom, and share the love on Valentine’s Day!

Designs available:

Scripture Encouragement

Science Anatomy

Science Geology

Ancient History


We love to create our own designs based on what we’re studying because it makes learning more interesting and combines fun with educational resources.

Our kids love to print these out and address as postcards to family, personal cards for friends, Sunday school, neighbors, tutors, music teachers, or even our postman 🙂

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