Welcome to another year of homeschool!

I know everyone has their favorite CC year, and this may be yours because it’s chock full of knights and castles, World Wars and planets in space!

While this page will provide many awesome things for your Cycle 2 journey, it is not a comprehensive list, only a supplemental one created by another CC family.

If you are interested in homeschooling with the Classical Conversations curriculum, visit our informational page here to find out more!

Any links you find on this page that lead to products are meant to provide a practical and helpful resource, and commissions made on that product go directly to support our family and keep this website running. 

We will be adding to this list regularly as we come across new and exciting features.

Have a wonderful year and God bless you!



Weekly Sheets

All resources are available in fill-in-the blank format and must be used in conjunction with the 5th Edition Foundations Guide.

Cursive + Printing Available

When you click on the image below, our Etsy shop will display two options for purchase: cursive and print. Parents have requested both as an option for their younger and older children.

Feel free to download one file and copy for your immediate family. Share the link to this page with other families so they can purchase their own copy.

educational valentine cards

Clickable Subject Pages Coming Soon!

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