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The Brick Builder’s Bible

As Legos have increased in popularity over the decades, creative minds have leveraged a child’s interest in simply building, to engineer entire worlds from these little bricks. The Brick Builder’s Illustrated Bible combines imaginative play and spiritual connections into one preschool-friendly introduction to God’s Word.

We would consider this a kid’s story Bible that covers major themes from Creation to the minor prophets, the life of Jesus (including death and resurrection), and His plan to return at the end of the ages.

The stories are short and easy-to-read for preschool to lower elementary ages, but the main focus is the visual creativity of the Biblical characters out of Lego models. The pages are bright and colorful, appealing to Lego enthusiasts and parents who want to teach the basics of scripture through recognizable mediums.

Parents of younger children sometimes ask about the graphic nature of children’s Bibles, especially concerning the crucifixion and death of Jesus. While it is up to each parent to decide how to communicate such circumstances to a young mind, we have included pictures from those scenes depicted in the Brick Builder’s Illustrated Bible.

Overall, my children enjoyed this book. My son, who tends to be a hesitant reader, wanted to dive into this storybook Bible right away. He loves his Legos, and this storybook option was great motivation for him to read, have his own devotional time, and feel confident about getting through short stories.

I liked the Brick Builder’s Illustrated Bible because it tells short stories about the Bible. At the end of every story, it tells you what you should do in life and I liked the pictures because they look like Legos! 

Asher, 8 years old

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