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If this children’s Bible looks familiar to you, it should! The Beginner’s Bible has been a family favorite for almost 30 years, and now with updated, digitally mastered illustrations.

My kids got their first Beginner’s Bible ten years ago as a gift from my parents, and I remember reading it to my younger siblings when we were young. This toddler to early elementary aged version of the Bible reads like a storybook, and is a fun way to introduce major Biblical characters to your kids.

With any children’s Bible, parents will sometimes raise concern about how the death of Jesus is represented in the gospels. While some versions glaze over the crucifixion scene, maybe leaving out any depictions of blood or suffering, other depictions can be considered unnecessarily graphic.

We have enclosed pictures below from the Beginner’s Bible, so you can decide for as a parent how you might address the issue of Jesus’ death with your young child.

The Beginner’s Bible has over 90 basic bible stories that can be used to teach preschoolers in Sunday School, Christian school classrooms, and even your homeschool. The colorful graphics make learning fun and memorable.

One of my favorite features as a parent-teacher is the glossary in the back. You can use this for spelling and vocabulary practice as you review each Biblical story. What I like to do is create my own 5 x7 memory cards with the word on the front and definition on the back. You can have your child(ren) play a memory match up game with the words or the Biblical characters themselves.

The Beginner’s Bible is the perfect place to start with young children to build a foundation of knowledge, understanding, and eventually a personal faith in the Lord. From birth to five years old, kids thrive on one-on-one time with adults reading to them, telling stories, and listening to worship music.

Do whatever you can to remind them that Jesus is with them; guiding, protecting, and teaching.

He is also with you, Mama.

He loves that you’re reading to your babies, Daddy.

He has given you His Spirit to help you on difficult days, to celebrate on great days, and take you one step at a time through this awesome journey of parenting.

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