Raising little people doesn’t mean producing perfect little Christ followers. But instilling a love for the real Jesus will transform the sacred ground of our home. Less than perfect parents can raise (sort of) great kids!

Jami Amerine shares how her perspective as a mother was transformed when she gave her home life back to a God who stays even when life gets sticky.

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About the Author

Affectionally called the Lucille Ball of the Internet, Jami Amerine, a popular blogger, speaker, mother of six, and author of the new book, Sacred Ground, Sticky Floors: How Less than Perfect Parents Can Raise (Kind of) Great Kids (Harvest House), has experienced the exhaustion of trying to be the perfect parent. Now that she’s broken free from that unattainable goal, she is eager to help parents learn how to let their Heavenly Father parent them, so they can embrace peace as they parent their children.

Jami is the author of the popular blog Sacred Ground, Sticky Floors, where she posts about Jesus, parenting, marriage, and the general chaos of life. Her first book, Stolen Jesus (Harvest House), released in October 2017. She’s been featured on numerous occasions on foreverymom.com and several other syndicated sites including Scary Mommy and Mamalode. She’s also been featured on Fox News, Today Parenting, and Huffington Post. She is a Christian who tends to get snarky and is anti-Jesus fish bumper stickers because she is a lousy driver.

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Less Than Perfect Parents

“I’m not just one thing… not just mom, homemaker, foster care family… whatever… I’m a lot of things. I was daughter before I was mother and I’ll be daughter long after. That doesn’t change.”

Jami doesn’t like to be boxed in with conventional titles and reductive roles. But she takes her job as a mother very seriously.

We’ve all questioned whether our purpose as a mother is he ultimate goal or just a stepping stone to the rest of our lives. Does my life depend on how well my kids turn out? Because it certainly feels that way.

While we’re in the thick of bottles and burp cloths, or mountains of homework, we ask ourselves, “Where do I stop, and where do they begin?”

From a mother who struggles with children with dyslexia and gifted children, Jami is no stranger to the comments of well-meaning moms who just want to measure the progress of other mothers by how well (or how poorly) children perform.

“Why do I get credit for ones talent and blamed for another’s struggles?” Jami asks, and how does a less than perfect parent raise perfectly behave Christian kids? I mean, is that really the measure of successful parenting?

No. Far from it, actually.

Sticky Home Life Made Sacred

Jami talks about how we see our quiet time with God. We act like God is going to take away His Fatherhood if we’re not obedient. If we don’t keep the house a certain way or invest every moment of our lives into our kids, then somehow we miss the mark.

Instead, Jami comforts her kids with the reassurance that Jesus, unlike humans, will never disappoint, abandon, or take His love away.

“Jesus be all over you,” she says. Even going to church won’t help much if there is no relationship with Jesus.

“Church is full of people. People will let you down, Jesus won’t. We can’t just teach church, we have to teach Jesus.” We ought to be showing our kids the real Jesus and praying that some day they will make the story of Jesus their own.

“Admitting our shortcomings, admitting that we’re human instead of a constant parade of perfection and how things are supposed to be…. He makes it sacred. We make it sticky. And He stays. He wanders my halls, He searches my heart, and He stays.”

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