It’s a tough world for young women, and our girls are getting messages about identity and beauty with every swipe of their screen, flip of the channel, and turn of a magazine. The little girl inside every woman wants to believe she is worthy of love, acceptance, and valued for her ideas.

Join me and Proverbs 31 author and speaker Lynn Cowell as we discuss what it takes to be brave in today’s world, the messages facing our young daughters, and how we can give them the courage to be brave and discover where true beauty is found.

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Leave a comment below and answer this question: What is one courageous thing you’ve done in your life lately? Your answer can be from your own experience, or your can include an answer from a young girl in your life, a daughter, niece, granddaughter. We’ll announce the winner on November 15, 2017!

You will receive one copy of Lyn’s book Brave Beauty, Finding the Fearless You, and one copy of FaithGirlz Backpack Bible.

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