Jenn and Jordan talk about four things that keep us from seeing our own potential, and the people and practices we need to keep around us to see ourselves clearly, and take action on that next right thing.

The Potential Inside

Last week, I was walking my kids through the physics concept of energy. There are two kinds, if you remember: potential, and kinetic.

Not to go into the whole science lesson, but potential energy always fascinated me. I’d heard the word before, and mostly applied it when I was a teacher, because I saw potential greatness in all of my students. I see the potential life path of my own kids, and who God is growing them to me.

In scientific terms, an object has potential energy when it is sitting still. It’s energy becomes kinetic (it moves) when something else acts upon it. Drops it, nudges it, or lifts it higher.

Potential energy is stored. It’s in there – and something else must happen for it’s ability to be revealed.

Our potential as women and mothers is stored, and we use our natural gifts and talents when we need to solve a problem, or take care of someone. Beyond those immediate needs, each of us has incredible potential to use our God-given gifts to impact our world. But we can easily miss them when other circumstances cloud our vision.

Why We Can’t See All That Potential

We’re just too close to ourselves. Our negative thoughts can make us focus on everything that’s going wrong instead of what we’re actually doing right!

We can get lost in a sea of self-doubt and forget about our purpose and calling to amazing things.

In this episode, you will learn about the strength that comes from letting go of old wounds and worries, and how to surround yourself with truth-tellers. We all need people and an active prayer life to get us back on track to fulfill the beautiful mission God has laid before us. In our weakness, He is strong. When we surrender ourselves to His truth, He gives us the strength to keep going.

Walk with us today, and uncover the lies that hold you back from your real potential.


It’s hard to not focus on everything I’m doing wrong. I feel like I can’t catch up with anything from meals to cleaning to kids, or making time for husband. I’m best able to see my own potential: when I can help someone solve a problem. When I’m able to use my knowledge / degree, when I’m able to get stuff done and see progress, or when friends tell me I’m effective in a certain area. Jaclyn, toddler mom 


Philippians 4:8 – Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.


Jennifer Bryant is the wife of a good man and mother of two precious kids. Her favorite things include reading, organizing, blogging, singing with her kids, laughing out loud with her husband, and making food for people. She lives in Honolulu, Hawaii and dreams of taking her family on marvelous adventures across the globe. In the meantime, she blogs about life and family at PracticalFamily.org, and encourages others to build practical skills for healthy communication, simple living, and discover their awesomeness. Read more here. 

Jordan Marzan is originally from West Virginia, raised in a family of nine kids, former nanny of five, and a proud home school graduate (thanks mom!). She holds a degree in public relations and works as an actress, ballroom dancer, and podcaster. Much to her delight, Tyler (i.e. “Hawaiian Man-Candy”) agreed to marry her three years ago and they now live in Hawaii. They enjoy long naps on the beach and are trying to find a hobby that somehow combines dancing and racing cars.

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