Join part 2 of my conversation with Amber Lia and Guy Lia, authors of the book Marriage Triggers, and discover healthy ways to respond to your spouse.

Meet the Authors!

Amber Lia and Guy Lia live in Southern California with their four sons. Amber is a prolific writer and speaker at MotherofKnights.com and both she and Guy are co-producers and owners of their faith and family-friendly production company, Storehouse Media Group in Los Angeles.

Which Triggers in Your Marriage are affecting your faith?

Episode highlights:

Guy explains how his relationship with Amber served as a mirror for his faith.

Amber explains a simple and practical way to stop trying to change each other, or trying to resolve grievances in the heat of an argument.

Both Amber and Guy talk about how they agreed to not deal with conflict in the moment.

“Remembering that we are on the same team makes all the difference, because I receive the blessing, too.” – Amber Lia

What About Our Different Personalities?

Discover how your combined personalities can make up your unique marriage personality, (what?! So cool) and how your kids, community, church, and marriage needs your particular personality combination.

Guys football analogy helps him to see his and Amber’s relationship and personalities function as a team.

Knowing where the other is the first step in making a winning play for your marriage team.

Lia's Marriage Triggers
Lia's Marriage Triggers

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