How many things have we not attempted and told ourselves, “I’m just not that creative.” The truth is, we all have a courageous creative inside of us, and getting beyond our of fears will open those doors to the awe and wonder of our unique and incredible gifts.

This interview made me laugh out loud, because at the end, Jenny challenged me to do something I would have never done on the air, in front of people, anyone except my kids. Listen to how she gently invited me to step outside my comfort zone and be free to be expressive.

Listen to this fun and inspiring conversation I had with Emmy award-winning editor Jenny Randle, discover the beauty in exploring creativity from God’s eyes, and how you can bring beautiful things out in your kids…and yourself.

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Jenny’s new book is amazing and will inspire you to create amazing things you never thought were possible..

This is Jenny, and she is a Creative Ninja…

Jenny Randle lives in Syracuse, New York with her husband Matt and two adorable kids. Together, they run a digital marketing agency called Yellow Chair Creatives and speak to creatives everywhere about how to live a transformational life in Christ and embrace the gifts God has given them.

Jenny is an Emmy award winning editor and has worked on 70 films, 60 books, for 55 churches and two radio and TV stations. Her book Courageous Creative will be available October 2018, and let me tell you… it is STUNNING. This book will take you on a journey into the depths of your creative soul and inspire you to step through and beyond your fears to use the talents God gave you to change this world.

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