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Digital Consulting + Writer Support with Jennifer Bryant

As an Online Communicator…

I know that you want to be a meaningful and memorable communicator for your audience.

In order to do that, you need to understand what you’re up against in social media, web design, podcasting, and modern-day communication strategy.

The Problem is…

…our world and internet landscape is changing rapidly which makes you feel like you’re always one step behind on the things your customers and audiences expect.

I believe that no one should avoid getting into the world of online communication because of uncertainty.

I Understand

…there is a lot to learn to be a meaningful online communicator which is why I’m sharing my experience from 6+ years of blogging, podcasting, and online community building with you!

Here’s how we’ll do it:

1-Schedule your FREE 30-minute consultation.

2- Choose a digital consulting package, group coaching session, or webinar that fits your immediate need.

3- Leave with a clear and completed blueprint for an effective online presence.

Jennifer has a way of asking the right questions so she can quickly and clearly understand both the heart of our company and how she can best help us move forward. She has a breadth and depth of resources and experience that help her to paint the big picture, while giving us actionable steps to get our message out where it belongs: in the hands of the people we are here to help. Jenn gave us an easy to use solution for helping us organize and track our projects and provided immense value to our organization in a very short time and we are so grateful for her!
Elisa Nakamura

Director of Operations & Homeschool Mom, Explicit Movement

Digital Consulting Packages

Social Media 101

Overwhelmed by social media options? Gain clarity as I walk you through which platforms could be the most useful to your audience. We will cover how each platform works and how to create and share your content effectively. Walk away with a plan for how your company can prioritize social media.

With over ten years of experience utilizing social media, and five years building a successful website and podcast, I can walk you through why leveraging the power of social media is the best thing to do for your business.

Who this package is for:

-Individual communicators, small business and organizations who need to learn the basics of what social media has to offer.


Social Media Review

Jenn will review and offer feedback and suggestions on your current social media presence. We will begin with a blueprint for social media success, and you will walk away with a plan for next steps for success.

What You Get:

-30 minute Zoom Call

-Copy of the video recording for your future reference

-Follow-Up email with your personalized action steps


Website Review

Jenn will review and offer feedback and suggestions on your current website. We will begin with a blueprint for social media success, and you will walk away with specific website elements to improve.

What You Get:

-30 minute Zoom Call

-Copy of the video recording for your future reference

-Follow-Up email with your personalized action steps


Social Media + Website Review

Both packages together

-50 minute Zoom Call

-Copy of the video recording for your future reference

-Follow-Up email with your personalized action steps


Writing Review

Jenn will read up to 1,000 words of your writing that is geared toward online communication including blogging, informational articles, and otherwise prescriptive non-fiction pieces. She will help you to clarify your message by identifying your audience and working on specific blogging techniques.

What You Get:

-30 minute Zoom Call

-Feedback on your writing piece (sent to Jenn ahead of time)

-Affirmation on your message / style

-Guidance to clarify any confusion and how to keep your reader engaged in your message


Wordpress Projects

Jenn will schedule a 30-minute FREE consultation with you to assess your digital needs on a small project basis. At that time, she will provide you with a quote for services based on an hourly rate.

Jenn is familiar with the following programs:


-Themes including Avada, and Divi

-Email services including Mailchimp, and Convertkit

-Graphic Design in Canva

Price varies based on scope of project

Podcasting Made Simple

Are you a natural speaker? Or a writer who wants to speak? Let Jenn help you get your message out there by taking some simple steps to create a podcast. Jenn will help you identify your style, find your audience, and create a plan to connect with your people over the air waves. Learn the basics of message development as you find your voice, and add the vocal elements your listeners will need to keep them coming back for more.

Who this package is for:

-Anyone who has a message to deliver to their audience

-Existing bloggers who want to learn this medium of communication to enhance their brand

-Organizations, or creative entrepreneurs who want to reach customers who are more apt to listen to information than read.

What You Get:

-8 – 1-hour sessions with Jenn (8 weeks total)

-Group learning environment for building community

-Tools to plan your message for weeks, and months of content

-Group feedback on recorded trial episodes

-Options for hardware and software

-Web presence and social media branding strategy

-Ready-To-Launch plan and group support

Jump on the Waitlist

5 Things You Need to Know Before You Self-Publish

Have you ever thought about publishing a book? The publishing industry has changed a lot over the years, and there are more opportunities to publish your ideas than ever before. The problem is, there are also people who will set up websites designed to target eager writers, and charge thousands of dollars with a promise to publish your book. I published my first book in 2021, and while there are necessary points of investment, it does not have to cost a lot.

In 5 Things You Need to Know Before You Self-Publish, I’ll talk about:


✔️ Where to start with the writing and publishing process

✔️ Your purpose for writing and how to attract the audience you want

✔️ The role of social media to get your book sold

✔️ How Amazon has affected the publishing market

✔️ How to keep your book project in perspective

✔️ The people you need in your corner when things get tough

Purchase this course today and join me for a time of honest reflection, teaching, sharing my real cost + sales numbers, and open Q & A time.

Who this package is for:

-Anyone who has a dream of publishing their writing

-Existing bloggers who want to use this tool of communication to enhance their brand

Client Testimonials

My website was driving me crazy. A friend recommended I contact Jenn. Best decision ever. She created a website that exceeded what I envisioned. She was easy to work with, gentle, kind and helpful in answering my many questions. I highly recommend her.

Debbie Patrick

Blogger & Speaker, AnchoredandAlive.org

I was earnestly seeking ways to engage, reach, and serve more people locally and globally. Jenn has been a true gift to our non-profit by coaching us on ways to build an online community! She imparted a wealth of extremely practical tips, and she asked us great reflective questions so that her guidance was tailored to meet our current needs and desires. 

I am extremely impressed and grateful for Jenn’s genuine heart to support us and her amazing ability to communicate new information in simple, understandable ways, which has given me courage to step out and try new strategies with confidence and enthusiasm! I highly recommend Jenn as a coach and speaker! Her wisdom, her heart, her approach has been transformational for our organization!
Michele Okimura

Executive Director, Explicit Movement

I was amazed to hear how many podcasts Jenn has put together and the number of followers she has. Jenn walked me through the steps, told me what NOT to worry about and nudged me along to success!!

Dr. Warren Wong

Geriatrician, Honolulu, Hawaii, MemoriesConnect.com

Jenn was very personable and had many valuable ideas on how to proceed with implementing my campaign strategy. Her suggestions were clear and relevant and she provided a concise written plan as a useful guide. Thanks!

Wayne Chen

Political Candidate, State of Hawaii

I wanted Jenn to renovate my web site. Since she is in ministry herself, Jenn knows what a ministry web site needs. She did a branding kit for me, which was out of this world. She added touches that made different elements on my web site to be more accessible. I can’t say enough about the awesome job she did, and you can’t beat her prices. Originally, my web site had been built by a hosting company. They charged much more, but did not give me the web site like Jenn did. I highly reccomend her.

Carolyn Dale Newell

Author & Inspirational Speaker

My time with Jenn was so encouraging to me as an aspiring writer. Her feedback was specific enough that I left with confidence I could improve my work and yet general enough that I could stay true to my own author’s voice.  She suggested things to help keep my focus tight and engage the reader in a captivating way, as well as prune away those things that distract from the what I’m trying to say.  If writing is your passion but you need a friendly guide to help point your in the right direction, then coaching with Jenn is a great investment!

Jennifer Swearingen

Homeschool Mom & Blogger

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