Starting a podcast does not need to be difficult.

It’s easier than you might think! If you’ve been waiting to see if you have what it takes, now is your chance! Join my group coaching program and get the support you need to get started today.

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Hey! I’m Jenn

Blogger, speaker, and connector of mamas. In 2015, I founded PracticalFamily.org where I wrote about lessons learned in family life, and eventually was called to strengthen moms for real-life struggles. I love to help women embrace their extraordinary gifts and embrace grace for themselves and others. 


I was blogging about topics for moms, on homeschooling, and other family-based issues for 2 years before I noticed that podcasting was a fast and efficient way to reach my audience. 

Busy moms are more likely to listen to encouragement than make more time to read a written article. While blogs are still important, I needed a different vehicle of delivery.

When I chose to trust my own voice to get the message across, a whole new world opened up for me. 

The decision to start a podcast would prove to be the best game plan to reach people who needed my message the most. 

Three years, 87 guests, 112 episodes, and 38,000 downloads later, the Practical Family Podcast is thriving! This project has been the most significant tool I have developed to make meaningful connections with other communicators, and reach mamas in need of hope.

You’re Invited!

If you want to learn more about how podcasting could work for your message, I would love to sit with you, answer your questions, and work through some very easy steps to get your show off the ground! 

I have been so blessed by Jennifer Bryant’s Podcasting Made Simple group coaching!

With Jenn’s success and experience with her own ministry that she brings to the Podcasting Made Simple program and her gift for teaching, I went from overwhelmed at the call to start a podcast, and being ready to start recording my own podcast.

Along with Jenn’s coaching, the framework she gave me to take all of my ideas and make a plan with them was invaluable.

I highly recommend joining Podcasting Made Simple if you know you’re called to start a podcast and don’t know where to begin.

Melissa Mulvaney

Blogger & Mom Mentor

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