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I know what it feels like to stare at a blank screen. 

Where did all my good ideas go? 

My passion often outweighs my motivation to just get started.

Why is this so hard? 

There is always something that distracts me. 

A snack. A phone call. The kids. Social media. Dirty baseboards. Another snack.

The list of reasons not to write is endless.

Then when we keep not doing the thing we want to do, we start to believe lies about our calling. I struggle with these intrusive thoughts often:

“I’m such a procrastinator.”

The label we give ourselves when we can’t find motivation to start.

“I’m so lazy.”

How we describe ourselves when we feel like we’ve failed to make progress.

“I’m not a writer after all.”

The self-doubt that creeps in when we start to give up hope.

Until I discovered the power of working together.

Jennifer Bryant personal coaching

I’m Jenn…

and I need help with motivation just like you.

Six years ago, I started a blog because I love to share ideas. The first ten posts were like pulling teeth to finish because I was so overcome by people-pleasing and perfectionism.

All of that slowly changed when I started to hang out with other writers. 

They empathized with my struggles and urged me to move forward. Knowing that I wasn’t the only hopeful writer struggling somehow made everything better. 

Jenn, where did you find your people?!

Honestly, most of my closest writer friends are online. I Googled help from other bloggers and many of them had dedicated space on their website to encourage curious beginners like me. 

I learned how to let go of high expectations (self-imposed), and started making small strides to hit “publish” more often. 

I joined work-together sessions (like this one!) and made progress instead of being anxious about “getting it right” every time. 

Today, I have over 200 blog posts, 2 programs to help women overcome struggle, a podcast with over 100 episodes, 42,000 downloads, and one book with more on the way.

I could not have accomplished these things without my writer community!

You’re Officially Invited!

Stop pushing your passion project to the side and start writing!

Join our weekly work-together sessions and make time for yourself to get writing done. Set your personal goals and meet them alongside others doing the same.

How this works

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  • Use Zoom link in email to join us for 55 minute sessions
  • Greet each other, say what we’re working on, mute ourselves to write during the hour
  • Unmute after 55 minutes to share our progress

Before you know it, the words will be flowing!

Writing together will help you develop the consistency, discipline and reward of getting the words out of your head and onto the page screen 🙂

Find the support you need to set your words free!

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Jennifer Bryant personal coaching

I can’t wait to see you in our Work- Together Sessions!

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