Have you ever gone on Pinterest to find ideas for organizing your home? Me too!

Just the other day I was searching for chore ideas that are appropriate for my kids’ ages, and I found several great ideas. It can be a wonderful resource. But it can also be dangerous.

We see beautiful picture after beautiful picture of closet, or shoe rack, or laundry station, and we wonder, “Why can’t my home look like that.” Even though we know the shot was staged, with fake lighting, and that it doesn’t represent reality, we can still find ourselves feeling inadequate because our home doesn’t look “Pinterest Perfect.”

Here’s the truth: More often than not, the kind of organization that makes for a beautiful photograph simply doesn’t function well.

The perfect example is folding clothes. There are so many videos online for how to fold your clothes neatly. It sounds useful, right? Because your clothes won’t be wrinkled, you can fit more into your drawers, and (of course) a drawer full of perfectly folded camisoles does look “Pinterest Perfect.”

The reality? The time it takes to fold them all perfectly after every load of laundry is not worth the benefits of folding.

wardrobe folding home on purpose

My tank drawer looks like mess (as you can see), but it is actually perfectly organized, totally functional, and very easy to maintain. The shoe box in the middle holds the black and white tanks, the colors are on the left, and the right side of the drawer has my “around the house” t-shirts.

“Doesn’t that mean your clothes are wrinkled?”

Yup! I never understood the use of folding camisoles in the first place. They are worn under another shirt and they’re tight fitting so the wrinkles flatten out within five minutes anyway. Same goes for pajamas and other loungewear. In fact, I don’t fold any of the clothes that go in my dresser! If I care about keeping a certain garment wrinkle-free, I hang it up in my closet.

“Can’t you fit more in your drawer if you fold them?”

Yup! But when clothes are folded in stacks, we always end up grabbing the one on top anyway, so the extra bottom layer just sits there. We don’t actually gain any convenience by owning more.

In general, I only own the minimum amount of clothes needed, I wear them over and over until they fall apart, then I buy replacements.

Most women I speak to are the same way, whether they realize it or not. No matter how big our wardrobe is, we all gravitate toward the same favorites, and that’s okay! (More on that in the Home on Purpose Wardrobe Series!)

wardrobe home on purpose

“Doesn’t it bother you that your drawers look so disgruntled?”

Nope! By not bothering to fold clothes, putting laundry away is faster, which makes it easier to stay in front of the laundry cycle, which means I don’t have piles of dirty clothes clogging up my bedroom. I’ll take easy laundry over a pretty drawer any day!

That is the heart of the Home On Purpose Series: To help make your home easier to maintain, so the daily tasks and chores are easier, so you don’t waste time and effort needlessly, which relieves the stress and frustration, so you actually have a chance to enjoy your life! And if that means your dresser drawers aren’t “Pinterest Perfect,” so be it!

Make Your Laundry Work for You

My laundry situation is not pretty by any stretch of the imagination. I don’t have a big beautiful sign that says “Wash and Dry” on the wall. I don’t have matching laundry baskets with labels on them. It’s just a closet in a hallway, we had to take the doors down to fit the washer and dryer, and there isn’t a place to fold anything or hang anything up to dry.

But we have a routine that works. The entire family takes turns doing their laundry once a week (including my 4 and 6 year old kids!) and nobody gets in anybody’s way.

The clothes in my closet aren’t beautifully organized by color. In fact, at first glance it doesn’t appear to be organized at all. But I know my clothes, I know how I decide what to wear, and I have hung them in a way that makes putting together an outfit easier for me.

It doesn’t matter how it may appear to an outsider; I’m the one who has to get dressed each morning, and my system works for me.

So, if you’re looking for ideas to make your closet and dresser drawers stunningly worthy of posting online, Home On Purpose won’t help you much.

But if you are tired of being chased by the laundry monster, if you have ever felt guilty about all the clothes and shoes that sit in your closet unworn, and if you wish choosing an outfit each morning wasn’t such a chore, then the Home On Purpose Wardrobe Series is designed for you!

Click below for your free introductory video and get ready to finally have a wardrobe that works!

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