Have you ever gone on Pinterest to find ideas for organizing your home? Me too!

It can be a wonderful resource. But it can also be dangerous . . .

We see beautiful picture after beautiful picture of a closet, or a shoe rack, or a laundry station, and we wonder, “Why can’t my home look like that?”

Even though we know the shot was intentionally staged, with specialized lighting, and that it doesn’t represent reality, we can still find ourselves feeling inadequate because our home doesn’t look “Pinterest Perfect.”

Want the truth? The kind of closet that looks great in a picture doesn’t typically function well.

The perfect example is folding clothes. 

There are so many posts all over Pinterest showing pajamas neatly folded, camisoles perfectly rolled up in an array to save space, and socks organized by color.  Those pictures certainly do look lovely! 

Unfortunately, it takes quite a bit of work to keep the drawers looking this way.  In my humble opinion, the benefits of neatly folded clothes are not worth the effort.

Want to see one of my drawers?  Take a look . . . 

wardrobe folding home on purpose

 This drawer in my dresser may look messy, but it is actually totally functional and very easy to maintain.  The shoe box in the middle holds the black and white tank-tops, the colors are on the left, and the right side of the drawer has my “around the house” t-shirts.

“But Trisha, doesn’t that mean your clothes are wrinkled?”

Yup! But I have never understood the use of folding tank tops in the first place. I wear them under another shirt and the wrinkles flatten out within five minutes anyway.  The same is true for my pajamas, my exercise clothes, and my casual hoodies.  If I care about keeping a certain garment wrinkle-free, I hang it up in my closet.

“But Trisha, couldn’t you fit more clothes in your drawer if you fold them?”

Yup! But when clothes are folded in stacks, we always take the ones on top.  By the time we get to the bottom half of the stack, the top half is washed and put back, burying that bottom half of the stack all over again.  When half the clothes live in the drawer unworn, we don’t actually gain anything from them. (More on that in the Home on Purpose Wardrobe Series!)

“But Trisha, doesn’t it bother you that your drawers look so messy?”

Nope! When you skip the step of folding, putting laundry away is much faster. I’ll take easy laundry over a pretty drawer any day.  My desire is to make life easier at home so I can spend that time and energy on more important things.

This is the heart of Home On Purpose

My job is to help you make your stuff and spaces easier to manage, and your daily tasks easier to complete.  So much stress and frustration can be relieved in a home that functions well, which gives you the freedom to enjoy life more.

It doesn’t matter how my wardrobe may appear to an outsider.  A “Pinterest Perfect” wardrobe is not my goal.

What are my wardrobe goals?

  • Assembling an outfit should be easy.  That means having a reasonable amount of complete outfits that I enjoy wearing.
  • Washing and drying should be easy.  That means having an efficient laundry routine that I can reasonably stay ahead of.
  • Keeping things in order should be easy.  That means only owning a reasonable amount of clothes, shoes, and accessories..

So, if you are looking for ideas to make your closet and dresser drawers stunningly worthy of posting online, Home On Purpose won’t help you much.  But . . . 

If you have ever stared at your full closet and thought, “I have nothing to wear!”

If you are tired of being chased by the laundry monster

If you have ever felt guilty about all the clothes and shoes that sit around unworn

Then you will love the Home On Purpose Wardrobe Lesson Series!

This seven-part instructional series makes it easy to set clear goals, make wise decisions, build better habits, and overcome emotional obstacles.  Enjoy working at your own pace as you watch the video lessons, consider the strategies and guidelines, and complete the Take Control Tasks.

By focusing on what truly makes a wardrobe function well, you can achieve all the goals listed above and much more.  

Click below to watch the free introduction video!

wardrobe home on purpose

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