Breathe Easier as You Embrace Motherhood

An online course to help you lead with confidence and love yourself better
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Testimony about Jenn helping me to get from here to there. 

Name, location

Are you struggling with that overwhelming expectation to be the ‘perfect mom,’ and it leaves you feeling frustrated and inadequate?

With the Strong Enough online course, you’ll find the peace you need to breathe easier each day as you embrace motherhood with confidence. 

Discover your unique personality

Identify your strengths and significant areas of growth

(Tell how this will happen… personality tests?)

Break free from comparison

Cultivate long-term friendships and learn to live in a thriving community of moms

Give your best to your family

Lead your favorite people from a peaceful heart and secure mind

(Tell how… practical tools… devotionals, guides)

Get the practical tools and support you need to thrive

You don’t need to stay stuck in comparison, or guilty about not being enough for your kids.

I was here, now I’m here

Name Goes Here

The worksheets were practical… etc.

Jane Shmoe

Being in the community has been….

Name Goes Here

"As a mother, I feel the pressure every day to “get it right.”

With 20+ years of experience in church & family ministry, Bible study, and theological training, I can help you navigate your own strengths and learn to mom with confidence.

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Enough, Already

Discover Your Unique Personality

When You’re Caught in Comparison

Why We Can’t See Our Own Potential

How Deep Struggle Leads to Great Growth


Breathe Easier as You Embrace Motherhood

An online course to help you "Mom" with confidence
Free WebinarGet the Course

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