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Jennifer Bryant is an educator in real life and online. Her website is a wonderful resource for parents wanting to raise good humans who love the Lord. Even if you’re not a Christian, she has a lot of helpful, encouraging, and amazing content on her site. This podcast is such an amazing resource to dive in deeper and get even more out of her advice and knowledge. She’s fun to listen to, has great guest speakers, and leaves you with a smile feeling encouraged and blessed after listening to her podcasts. Definitely a parenting podcast on the rise.

Jean, @jeaniulani | iTunes Subscriber

I enjoy looking through the archives because there is always something I want to learn more about or be encouraged in or pass on to encourage someone else!

OverflowOfHope, iTunes Subscriber

Thank you for giving me the support and guidance to parent my children in a way that will make them grow and be an asset to their communities.

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Episode 047 | How We Handle Halloween

Have you wondered how to handle Halloween as a Christian family? Is it okay to dress up your kids and "celebrate" this holiday? In this episode, Jenn Bryant shares her take on Halloween, options for safe practices as a Christian family, and how to redeem this holiday...

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Episode 046 | Why Do You Homeschool?

Every family who chooses to homeschool is asked this question, and there is almost always a different answer. In today’s episode, Jenn Bryant tells her story about deciding to come home after years of working full-time and the intentional process of making the...

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Episode 045 | Raising Courageously Creative Kids

Guide your kids in their own creativity by tapping into your own! There are many ways to express creatively because we were made by a creative God. Join me and Jenny Randle as we discuss our own creative processes, with our kids, and how to develop a self-awareness...

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Episode 043 | The Truth Behind Parenting Littles

Parenting is about learning to go with the flow, especially in the early years when these tiny humans seem to be running the show. Listen in on my convo with author McKinley Rich and find freedom in this busy season of life. the module Design settings and even apply...

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Episode 040 | How to Accept and Enjoy Sabbath Rest

Family life can become so busy that we forget to stop and enjoy the blessings of God's provision. Listen to my conversation with Sarah Koontz from Living By Design Ministries and discover the beauty of God's rhythm of rest as we learn what it means to take a sabbath....

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Episode 039 | Becoming a Courageous Creative

How many things have we not attempted and told ourselves, "I'm just not that creative." The truth is, we all have a courageous creative inside of us, and getting beyond our of fears will open those doors to the awe and wonder of our unique and incredible gifts. This...

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