Jenn and Jordan reflect on the journey to 100 episodes and being brave enough to step into new seasons.

The Bravest Episode

It took me a while to publish this episode.

Although I was brimming with joy and eager to announce that I had hit 100 episodes, on the inside I was feeling unworthy.

It’s that feeling you get when you’re almost at the end of a long journey, or just about to finish your last class to earn the long-awaited degree. But you think, “I haven’t done enough to deserve this.”

I know it’s not just me.

If you have ever wrestled with feelings of inadequacy, despite a long list of remarkable accomplishments and tasks, we are probably cut from the same cloth.

Mama, this episode represents many lessons, struggles, and strongholds I’ve had to overcome within myself in order to say, “I persevered, and my strength came from God… because I wanted to quit. A lot.”

The Big Hairy, Scary, Goals

In this episode, my cohost Jordan and I talk about the top 10 things I’ve learned After as a creative after producing 100 podcast episodes, and how these lessons also serve as a metaphor for how you can approach big and scary things in your own life.

Here is a peak at the topics we cover:

1. Do it SCARED




5. Do it with OTHERS

6. Do it with a TEAM

7. So it to SERVE

8. Do it with PURPOSE

9. Do it with an OPEN MIND

10. Do it LIVE


Favorite Quotes

“You’re allowed a course-correction… pivot points… and you’re allowed to do it more than once.” -Jordan Marzan

“If you don’t have butterflies, you don’t realize what’s at stake.” -Jordan Marzan

“Courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.” – Nelson Mandela

“If you’re worried about perfecting something, you’re probably missing all the things you already have to offer.” -Jennifer Bryant

“Nobody wants to jump on the ambiguity train. Know where you’re headed and people will follow you there.” -Jordan Marzan

“The first thought doesn’t need to be the final product. Be flexible with your own expectations.” -Jordan Marzan

“Going live builds confidence and fights against perfectionism.” -Jennifer Bryant

Jennifer Bryant is the wife of a good man and mother of two precious kids. Her favorite things include reading, organizing, blogging, singing with her kids, laughing out loud with her husband, and making food for people. She lives in Honolulu, Hawaii and dreams of taking her family on marvelous adventures across the globe. In the meantime, she blogs about life and family at PracticalFamily.org, and encourages others to build practical skills for healthy communication, simple living, and discover their awesomeness. Read more here. 

Jordan Marzan is originally from West Virginia, raised in a family of nine kids, former nanny of five, and a proud home school graduate (thanks mom!). She holds a degree in public relations and works as an actress, ballroom dancer, and podcaster. Much to her delight, Tyler (i.e. “Hawaiian Man-Candy”) agreed to marry her three years ago and they now live in Hawaii. They enjoy long naps on the beach and are trying to find a hobby that somehow combines dancing and racing cars.

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