When friendships don’t go as planned, we can fall back on the truth that keeps us trusting the next opportunity.

Meet the Author!

Mary DeMuth has led an extraordinary life, to say the least. Her childhood pain was miraculously restored by God, and through hardship of many kinds, she has been able to help emotionally and physically abused women find their voice despite the darkness. Mary went on to write over forty books, which have been translated in to five languages. She is the host of the Pray Every Day Podcast, and prolific blogger and speaker. She lives in North Texas with her hubby Patrick of 29 years and loves her three adult children. Read more about her story here.

The High Hurdle of Hurtful Friendships

I believe that God has a purpose for every single relationship we encounter. You may have found yourself in a confusing but comfortable relationship with a friend who drove you nuts. But you could never quite put a finger on the reason…

In today’s episode, Mary DeMuth and I discuss the types of friends to look out for. Based on the Proverbs 6 passage that describes 7 Deadly Sins, Mary uses this idea as a template for potentially toxic relationships:

  • Narcissist Nolan
  • Unreliable Uma
  • Predator Paige
  • Conman Conner
  • Tempter Trevor
  • Faker Fiona
  • Dramatic Drake

Let this message serve as both a warning about people you will encounter, but also use them as a mirror to search out our own behavior patterns.

“It’s really important to look at the holes in our own life and find out where we’re broken, because we tend to gravitate toward that brokenness.” -Mary DeMuth

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