Race education begins in the home. Lucretia Berry and I discuss first steps parents can take to have these important conversations with our kids.

Meet the Author!

Dr. Lucretia Carter Berry received her Ph.D. in Education (Curriculum & Instruction) from Iowa State University. She created a curriculum for adults to understand the roots of race of history and in their own lives called What Lies Between Us: Fostering First Steps Toward Racial Healing. Lucretia and her husband Nathan have three little girls who are the inspiration for their work through Brownicity.com.

How Do We Talk About Race?

We can only get to a place of healthy dialogue about race when we can have a common understanding of its roots and effects on our society.

“How can we make something better if we can’t address the issue?”

Lucretia helps us to understand how the concept of race has been socially constructed, and how we can reflect on our own experiences and ideologies.

We can begin conversations with our kids by acknowledging the obvious: we all look different. We’re all different shades of brown. In this first episode, we’ll talk about why race education is so important, and how to approach the issues for ourselves as adults.

We’ll talk about the difference between:



5:25 – About “Brownicity”

6:40 – Family framework for multi-ethnic children

10:10 – Jenn’s multi-ethnic home

11:45 – Difference between Debate, Discussion, and Dialogue, and why the “Colorblind” approach doesn’t work

14:29 – Why we’re working from a deficit when it comes to understanding race.

18:55 – The opportunity homeschool mothers have

25:10 – The growth process of adult education

25:54 – How to stop being defensive, and what to do with the plate of manure

28:36 – Separating “racism” from “morality”

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