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  • Are you tired of looking at all the things piling up in your home?

  • Do you have full cabinets, packed drawers, or messy closets?

  • Is it easy to be overwhelmed, even defeated by all the stuff waiting for you to deal with?

home on purpose video series practical family

But what if you could see your stuff differently?

What if you have more control than you think?

What if by making a few small changes to your habits in each room, you could transform your home into a restful, functional, and beautiful place?

You totally can!

Listen, we get it.

Taking care of a home, and all the precious people can be challenging enough.

Being intentional with our stuff means making choices, and those choices are not always easy. Sometimes even the idea of getting started can feel overwhelming.

But when you can take back control of your home, you can live a life of peace and clarity.

Where there use to be chaos, can be function.

Where there used to be clutter, can be wide open spaces for you and your loved ones to enjoy and feel safe.

The Home on Purpose Video Series is a guide on your journey to a peaceful home environment.

These encouraging videos will give you simple and practical ideas for tackling one area of life at a time.

You can follow along at your own pace and even use our easy printables to process as you go.

Instructor | Trisha Childers

home on purpose practical family jenn bryant

Host | Jenn Bryant

I am overjoyed to welcome my friend Trisha Childers to our home organization team!

Trisha created the Home on Purpose Video Series and has helped many tired and frustrated women find freedom in clearing out excess, and start thinking about their things differently.

I invited Trisha to share this message in her unique way with our Practical Family Community, and we will both be interacting with and supporting you through this process.

home on purpose practical family printable sheets

In this collaborative project, we are bringing you the best of practical tips, rounded off with the message of simplifying home life so you can prioritize what matters most.

Trisha is a clear, effective, and friendly communicator, with a passion for purpose and a desire for families to live in happy homes, free of shame and guilt. This video series will set you on a healthy track to becoming more intentional with your home and making space for the people who matter.

Tackling one area of life at a time, Trisha will help you to think about your belongings in a new way that makes it easier to delete excess, get organized, and enjoy your home.

Get started today and take steps toward a peaceful living space and a happy family. You can do it!

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