Have you ever stopped to think about everything your brain has to do when you pack a suitcase?

Planning ahead . . .

You have to step back and consider the big picture.  You think about what is most likely to happen in the near future, anticipate potential problems, and decide what you are most likely to need.  

Sounds like a long-term school project to me!

Working within limitations . . .

You can’t fit everything you want in one suitcase, so you are forced to be selective and efficient with what you bring.

This is a very similar thought process to time-management! 

Students can’t fit everything they want to do into one afternoon, so they have to be selective and efficient with how they spend their time.

Taking responsibility for yourself . . . 

If you forget something important, like a phone charger, you have to waste precious vacation time at the store.  If you don’t check the weather, you could really regret the clothes you bring. 

When we let our kids pack their own suitcases, they experience the natural effects of their decisions – both wise and foolish.

Whether on vacation or in school, intentionality matters!

It’s a slow process . . .

When we first started, I only asked my kids to make one or two decisions.  They chose a favorite stuffed animal and a bedtime book, and I did the rest. As they grow, I give them a little more responsibility each time.  Now, only a few short years later, they are doing most of the work!  

I love hearing my kids explain their choices . . . 

“I really wanted to bring my giant penguin, but I knew if I did then I wouldn’t have room for my blanky.  So, I’m taking my bear instead.”  

Even at 5 and 7 years old, they are learning to plan ahead, work within limitations, and take responsibility for themselves.  The practice of packing is developing a practical maturity that will serve them very well in school!

Want to train your kids to pack on their own?  It’s easy! 

STEP 1: DOWNLOAD the FREE TEMPLATE called, “Let’s Get Packing!”  

This is the perfect tool to help you get started.  It works for any age, any trip, and any parenting style!

STEP 2: CLICK HERE to watch the short video on how to use the template.

STEP 3: The next time your family is heading out of town, use the template and take advantage of those teachable moments!

As your children grow in the practical wisdom of packing, you will have an amazing opportunity to help them use those same skills in the way they approach school.

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