If you struggle with doing too much, you’re in good company. Learn to discern between the good and the necessary, and make room for God to move.

 Meet the Author!

 Billie Jauss is the author of Making Room: Doing Less So God Can Do More. She loves to inspire women to value the significance of small beginnings. She encourages them to start with the small, so they can experience immeasurably more with God. Billie has been married for over 30 years to Dave, a professional baseball coach. They have three grown sons.

Am I Really Doing Too Much?

We are “checklist do-ers.” Doing too much is what we do best, and often to a fault. What happens when we do too much is that we cut off the opportunity to hear from God (remember, the One who holds all the plans?).

Billie Jauss asks: “What is God doing in and through you?”


In this podcast interview, Billie explains what the “In” and the “Through” meant in her life and how God changed her perspective on all the doing.

“What if my list is all the things that I AM doing, and I’m not really paying attention to what God is doing?”

What are we really allowing God to do? Not that He waits for us before He can move, but when we’re so distracted by all the little things, it’s more difficult for us to tune in to what He wants to teach us.

“Stop doing, and start experiencing.”

 Billie talks about the internal + external distractions that didn’t allow her to hear God:

-As a professional baseball coach’s wife, she became obsessed with MLB television during the season, which took the place of her time to pray and connect with God, & family.

-Schedule Stuffers

-Right Hand Syndrome

-Spiritual Rinsing / Power-Washing

-What happens when we take our to-do list and calendar down to the minimum.

-Saying “no” to myself

-Good opportunities vs. God’s best for me 

Small & Big Rocks! Don’t Do Too Much!

This concept was so significant that we created a downloadable page for you!

Are you doing too much and trying to fit too many rocks into your life? What are your BIGGEST, most important rocks, and what would it look like to prioritize them first?

Billie says that focusing on the 5 first, every day, will help you not to feel as overwhelmed. The little rocks just don’t take first priority. You will not feel like a failure!

Focus more on what God wants you to do, and practice doing less of the things that are just meant to be extra.

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Billie Jauss Making Room Doing too much book cover

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“What is God doing in and through you?” It’s a question we should all ask ourselves. In Making Room, join a spiritual journey toward the discovery of the reasons behind stagnant faith. Be encouraged to dig deeper, and learn how to put the distractions of life into perspective as you allow God to do more in them and through you. It’s time to embrace all the meaningful life moments God has for you to glorify Him

Billie Jauss Making Room Doing too much
Billie Jauss Making room doing too much

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