Family life can become so busy that we forget to stop and enjoy the blessings of God’s provision. Listen to my conversation with Sarah Koontz from Living By Design Ministries and discover the beauty of God’s rhythm of rest as we learn what it means to take a sabbath.

I like to stay ahead of the curve, because my biggest pet peeve is falling behind. God created me to live in a rhythm of weekly rest and I continually push the boundaries because I have a natural tendency to chase more and do the next thing.

It’s like He’s telling me, “Jenn, this is how I created you to live: to work 6 days and rest on the seventh. I made you that way, just like I made you ambitious. Stop striving and just sit with me, baby girl. I love you.”

I’ve started taking Sundays more seriously, keeping my phone in another room while I grab a book and read, or just play with my kids. A nap is usually in order as I recognize my physical body’s need to shut down and recharge.

This time with Sarah Koontz has blessed my heart and reinforced the Biblical command of rest and trusting God. Really stop and consider this week where you may need to slow down, stop striving, and leave time open to rest in Him.

healing and freedom reclaim the sabbath sarah koontz

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Reclaim the Sabbath

reclaim the sabbath sarah koontz

Quick-Listen Time Stamps

4:45 | Why Sarah began to study sabbath rest

6:00 | Sabbath rest in scripture

8:25 | Prove to me that it works

10:15 | Rebel from the world, permission from God

12:15 | The difference sabbath makes

16:50 | It’s like the Matrix

17:50 | Guarding your time

19:45 | The first day… woah

20:30 | Practical steps when you have young kids

25:35 | A message to the creatives

27:35 | This new bible study is unique!

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