Ah Thanksgiving. One of many holidays dedicated to food. For many of us, the overproduction and overconsumption of food. Oh glorious feast of mashed potatoes and turkey, swimming in gravy and lapped up with a warm roll.

I digress.

Unless you invite an army over for dinner and have extra takeout containers on hand, chances are, your fridge will end up as stuffed as the turkey. If you’re one of those people who needs to eat their food hot and fresh and holds your nose up to leftovers, then click over to one of our recipe posts and cook it up fresh.

This post is dedicated to all the good folks who sneak into the fridge at night and grab a slice of bread, a piece of turkey and cheese and snack without a care for temperature or utensils. This is for the snackers and after thought meal sneakers who never wince at the idea of cold food. In fact, you may prefer a nice cold piece of ham, or pizza… who has time to mess with reheating? It’s still food, right?! Even cold Pumpkin Pie is tasty. Check out our Mini Pumpkin Pie recipe here.

Anyway, if you’re a leftover person, I’ve collected our favorite versions of Thanksgiving Leftover recipes for your consideration. Let me know in the comments which are your favorites or if you have any fresh (but not as fresh) ideas of your own.


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1. The MoistMaker

My favorite scene from Friends about the Thanksgiving sandwich. A turkey sandwich with an extra slice of gravy-soaked bread in the middle. Someone made a video here based on that episode!

2. Egg Rolls

Stuff all the goodness into that delicious Chinese dough and fry up to dip in all the gravy!

3. Stuffin’ Muffins

Those cupcake tins are so versatile! Thanks to Kelly from Just a Taste, this muffin leftover option topped with cranberry goodness can double as an easy-to-take snack (if I don’t get to them the night before). Click the image to get the recipe.

4. In a Blanket

All the goodness wrapped up nicely in crescent dough. A quick and convenient way to bake and gravy dip your way to happiness.

5. Turkey Corn Chowder

Throw the extra meat into a Dutch oven, Crockpot or (my favorite) the Instant Pot, and mashup some veggies and broth to enjoy on a cold November night. You can even freeze your soup to eat in December… or Januar. Click here or on the image for the full recipe from Creme de la Crumb.

6. Croquettes

Basically a delicious European way to mix, batter, and fry leftovers. For this cute and fancy snack, click here or on the image for the full recipe from AnneMarie at Just a Little Bit of Bacon.

7. Cranberry BBQ Turkey Pizza

Now this one is interesting! Cranberry infused BBQ sauce atop pizza crust (yay pizza!), and other veggies of your choice. I may sneak some taters on there, too. Click here or on the image for the full recipe from A Family Feast.

8. Stuffing Waffles

Here is a cool breakfast option for the morning after the feast, maybe after the Black Friday shopping, or before the second nap, grill up some stuffing on the waffle iron, top with some eggs and enjoy all over again. Click here or on the image for the full recipe from Kelly at Just a Taste.

9. Turkey Poutine

All the tastiness poured over FRIES (or CHIPS if you’re from that part of the world). We serve a similar dish at our family restaurant that was inspired by our favorite Canadians. Click here or on the image for the full recipe from Barry at Rock Recipes.

10. Turkey Pot Pies

Similar to the Stuffin’ Muffins, but with a little pie crust on the bottom and the same leftover turkey, stuffing, and casserole inside, top with a pie crust cut-out (get the crust cutters here) Click here or on the image for the full recipe from Pampered Chef.

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